Two-Year-Old Gives Pizza Delivery Man Hug Without Knowing His Daughter Had Just Passed Away

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

On February 19th, 2020, mom Lindsey Shelley posted a video of her son Cohen hugging the pizza delivery driver.

On a Saturday before the video was posted, her son had made the delivery driver's day by hugging him. After the video was posted to social media, the pizza driver, Ryan, connected with Shelley to let her know how much it meant to him since he was going through his hardship. 

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Lindsey Sheely, of West Warwick, Rhode Island was moved when Ryan Catterson wanted to share his story with her after she posted a video of her son hugging Catterson as he delivered the family pizza on a Saturday night. The two connected on Facebook and that was when she found out why the whole thing meant a great deal to him.

Ryan Catterson had just experienced the heartbreak that no man should have to endure. Catterson’s 16-year-old daughter had unexpectedly passed away within the past week, reports Turn To 10. He would never be able to watch her grow into an adult and was still struggling with this unbearable loss that defied the natural order.

After funeral leave was over, Catterson had to resume his job as a pizza delivery man at Wicked Good Pizza. People were as friendly as they typically are to someone holding their next meal, but no one knew the secret pain in his heart as he went through the motions of his delivery routine. One of his calls was to the West Warwick home of Lindsey Sheely.

Through the years, Catterson has seen it all as he’s delivered pizza to a wide range of homes and businesses. Nothing in all his years could have prepared him for the individual he was about to confront. As his professional role dictated, Catterson walked up to the front door with the pizza in hand and rang the doorbell.

When this West Warwick front door opened, Catterson was prepared to check another delivery off his list. Instead, he got ambushed by a 2-year-old named Cohen on a mission of love. As the toddler enveloped him in a relentless hug and even tried to throw in a kiss, Catterson felt comfort and the sense that his daughter was there with him.

Few things are as strong as the unconditional love of a 2-year-old. What do you think of Cohen’s display of affection amid Catterson’s grief? Perhaps you’ve experienced this kind of unexpected love from a child. Spread the love by passing this on to bring loving comfort to many other people.

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