Humorous Two-Year-Old Cooks With Nana And Breaks “Cute-O-Meter”

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Two-year-old Cade loves to bake and anything else done in the kitchen, and with time, he has grown better at it. At only two years, one would expect Cade to be out playing with his toys, but, instead, he is in the kitchen learning more about baking. His grandmother is there to teach him every step of baking, as demonstrated in this recent video.

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Little Cade has garnered so many followers on his social media pages, especially Facebook. A video in which he is baking with his Grandma already has more than 30 million views, with most commenters getting inspired by his eagerness to learn and what he already knows.

In the video, the future chef is making cookies with the help of his grandma. It is all about the cookies, but Cade makes it hilarious and interesting to watch. The video starts with Nana bringing out the mixing bowl for the baking process to start. Cade is excited to start baking. She throws in the butter and asks Cade not to eat the butter, and the conversation that starts becomes hilarious as they continue. Cade doesn’t take Nana’s advice, and he gets butter from the bowl and eats a huge chunk of it. This is the way to start baking for the upcoming chef.

The next step in the baking process is measuring the sugar. They measure the sugar with a cup that Cade knocks on the table and helps Nana measure the sugar. Once they have the right amount, he gets his hand into the cup and draws a handful of sugar to taste. That is how he feels whether the sugar is right for baking.

Licking the sugar is the only way that Cade approves it is good to bake. He is still not done with the butter as he attempts to get the butter stick into his mouth again. He was not sure the butter was ready the first time he tried it.

Nana wants to mix the ingredients to get started, but Cade seems not to be sure the butter is good—he wants to taste it more. He has swift hands and he waits when his Nana turns and grabs the butter stick. But grandma will not have any more tasting, and she grabs Cade’s hands and takes the bowl away.

But Cade has both his hands on the bowl and it is challenging to make him leave it. Although Nana seems to be fed up with all the antics Cade shows, the whole thing is hilarious to her and she bursts out laughing. She manages to mix all the ingredients with an electric mixer before Cade gets his hands into the bowl again.

Next, they need to add the eggs. Who needs to taste raw eggs before adding them to the cake mixture? Cade does. Even Nana seems surprised that he almost tasted the raw eggs. She urges him to just crack the eggs and put them in the bowl. Now the flour part comes and they measure, add and mix the flour.

Cade still tried to lick some flour. Grandma has to wrestle Cade in every step. They add baking powder and cinnamon and Cade attempts to stir the mixture. His hands are not strong enough and he instead tries to lick the spoon. 

At this point, Nana asks Cade to show how much he’s put in his mouth. She is shocked to see just how much. But Grandma is not ready to scold her grandchild. When the cookies are ready, Cade grabs a piece and bites, and he grabs a second one and hands it to Nana. They deserve it after the hard work.

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