Police Officer Finds Baby Owl And Has Cute Chat With Her

Two police offers from the Boulder Police Department were out on patrol in the summer of 2015. While driving by a campground, they saw something in the middle of the road that appeared to be a small animal. They were intrigued and worried for its safety so decided to see what it was.

When they drove on in closer, they realized what it was. For some reason a baby Northern Saw-whet Owl had landed in the middle of the road! According to The Cornell Lab's All About Birds website, Northern Saw-whet Owls are characterized by their tiny, catlike faces, large heads and yellow eyes. While they sure look cute, these owls are apparently full of attitude and not to be handled. Moreover, most people never run into Northern Saw-whet Owls since they are highly nocturnal, though this little fella seems to have been out and about past his bedtime. Luckily for this owl species, they are not in danger and are thus a low concern for conservation efforts. 


Nonetheless, this owl seemed a little confused and lost, and the police officers wanted to make sure that he left the road and was back in safety. They stopped the car and one of the deputies began to walk up to the owl.

As she approaches the owl, she begins speaking to it in a timid way asking "What's up?" and "Hey".

You could tell this wasn't a common occurrence for the owl. It begins to cock it's head around in a very surprised manner. The deputy laughs when she sees what's going and can't help but keep the conversation going. She then says "Hi". At that time, the owl reacted by opening its eyes very wide. This little owl was loving "talking" to a human.

The deputy decided to stop filming and handle the matter at that point. The other deputy was able to get the owl to fly away from the road back into the safety of the forest.

After the owl was returned to safety, the Police Department posted photos the deputies had taken on their Department Facebook page. They added the story of what happened along with the photos. Their followers began to like and share their post immediately.

The post ended up spreading across the internet.

It has more than 10,000 shares. It's funny how a little creature can touch so many hearts. Of course, this owl is so cute that you may have an urge to get one for a pet now. I know I do!

This video is certain to make your day great! Owl bet you can find someone else that would get a good kick out of seeing it! Send it on to them. They will thank you for it.