Two Cats Lay Next To Each Other And Their Conversation Leaves People In Stitches

Jul 29, 2020 by apost team

Animal scientists long ago determined that, in most cases, cats don't communicate with each other vocally. While we aren't exactly certain how cats communicate with each other, we know that, more often than not, they do so in an inaudible fashion.

You've likely seen two cats stare each other down before, exchanging words with each other without making a sound. But in this video, you can hear these two cats, Stina and Mossy, have an actual vocal conversation.

And, sure, cats will often hiss at each other. Typically, this is a way to communicate dissatisfaction and warn the other animal to leave them alone. But communicating with each other, vocally, is almost unheard of for cats–not to say that it doesn't happen. More often than not, though, cats reserve their meows for communicating with humans.

But that's what makes this moment between two cats, Stina and Mossy, extra special. According to their owner, in most cases, Stina and Mossy don't get along. That's not abnormal, even for cats who live together.

We have all heard a joke or two about how cats tend to be feisty, fighting with each other and everyone around them. This can be true. Cats are relatively territorial. When two dominant cats live in a household together, they often end up fighting and may not get along well.

Usually, that's the case for Stina and Mossy. When the two aren't fighting with each other, they apparently just do their best to leave the other alone.

Their owner has said in the comments of her video that this usually works out—most of the time Stina will see Mossy, or Mossy will see Stina, they will hiss at each other, puff up a bit, roll around and tussle and then be on their way.

However, their owner caught a unique and adorable moment between the two on-camera recently. Stina and Mossy are lying directly next to each other on what appears to be a blanket. For once, they aren't fighting with each other–in fact, from what we can tell, they seem to be getting along pretty well.

The adorable part occurs when they start talking to each other. Back and forth, they both make these adorable, chirping meow sounds. They even take turns meowing at each other, clearly holding some sort of very important conversation between the two of them.

Towards the end of the video, they even end up grooming each other—which, according to Catster—is typically a sign of affection in cats.

In the YouTube video comments, their owner explains that these two rarely ever talk things out, but instead usually fight. However, Stina and Mossy apparently had a heart-to-heart conversation this day. Supposedly, they meowed back and forth at each other like that for about an hour, lying side by side, reports Reshareworthy.

If you think the two of them chattering back and forth is cute, you'd probably love to see the translations people have come up with online. We are all busy trying to imagine what the two are saying.

Some commenters expressed the idea that Stina and Mossy negotiated terms of a friendship agreement that day. Others think the two are planning world domination.

One person even went as far as to "translate" the conversation the two were having, giving us all a good chuckle. Whatever the two cats had to say to each other, they clearly worked diligently to get the message across.

What do you think they were saying to each other? Do you think this was the start of a blooming friendship for Stina and Mossy? Or do you just think the two cats were being cute? Let us know and pass this heartwarming video on to your friends and family members to brighten their day.