Twins Have Precious Reaction As Daddy Shows Up At The Door

Apr 06, 2020 by apost team

Parents naturally miss their children when they’re away, but did you know your babies miss you too? Twins Anabel and Lydia, only seven months old in this video from 2010 show just what a reaction daddy’s return brings to them.

At first in the video, the two little girls seem somewhat disinterested, sitting around in the room with some toys, looking like adorable mirror images of each other, but then there is a sound at the door!

Mother Maritza posted this video to Youtube in 2010, and since then it has seen over 7 million views, the reaction of the babies certainly the reason for its success. Their channel is quite popular with over 19,000 subscribers keeping track of the cute twins throughout the years. It turns out that dad is even a musician teaching them to sing and play songs!

When Daddy comes through the door and his voice reaches their ears, the beautiful little babies light up and start bouncing around, shaking their hands and showing their excitement. Studies have shown that, while still developing, babies still have the ability to recognize faces and show a preference for certain people.

While Anabel and Lydia’s responses are different, they are both clearly elated to see Daddy, and Dad to see them. They certainly seem to realize they missed him, at least as soon as he shows up and reminds them! Dad is all smiles, showing the warmth and love of this little family scene. It’s both heartwarming and great for anyone who loves adorable babies. And frankly, who doesn't? Daddy's home!

We hope you felt as uplifted by this video as we did. If you love babies’ reactions, be sure to show this video about to your friends and family. It will certainly bring some brightness to their day!