Twin Toddlers Amuse Mom With Serious Sock Conversation In Laundry Basket

May 08, 2022 by apost team

Everyone knows your world changes when you have children. Your attention is now geared more towards your special bundle of joy than anything else. Anyone who has young children will tell you just how amazing and adorable they can be, especially when they think no one is watching. Toddlers can find joy and fun in a variety of different places. Often times they create their own world right in the comfort of their own home.

Fortunately, living in the 21st century has allowed us to capture special, silly, or funny moments compared to previous generations. We are now able to capture moments that we can relive forever or that can be shared with the world forever. Having a video camera at your fingertips is the modern norm now. Almost everyone has a cell phone that can be taken out at a moment's notice to capture anything going on around them. Parents of young children can turn their child's childhood into a home video in a matter of seconds. They can also post their home movies to the internet in a matter of seconds too, which is exactly what one mom did.

A cute and special moment between baby twin sisters turned into an internet sensation thanks to modern technology, in this video posted to Youtube in June 2013. When a mother came across her 18-month-old twins playing around in a laundry basket one day, she knew that she had to run and get out the camera and record them. When you find out what these two babies were doing, you'll laugh out loud for sure! 

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Stella and Lilah are two twins who love to play and "talk" to one another. Their mom caught them having what looked like a very important conversation one day. What about, you are asking? Socks! Yes, these two cuties were playing with socks in the laundry basket when their mom came in and began recording.

As the video begins, you can see that the two baby girls in their matching leopard pajamas were extremely happy and excited to be playing together. They weren't just excited to be together but to have found a new toy and game too. While you aren't able to tell what the babies are saying, you can pick up on their happy energy and happy interaction throughout the whole video.

One twin started out sitting in the laundry basket while the other kept handing the other folded socks. They talked back and forth in their cute little toddler language, but you can clearly hear that they know the word "socks!" Finally, the second twin decides to join the first in the basket. The little cutie carefully climbs into the basket, sitting across from their twin.

They continue their conversation, trading pairs of socks back and forth. At one point in the video, there is even a quick tug-of-war between the baby sisters! The video shows the sibling dynamic of sharing, trading, and adapting together. Sitting there in their matching leopard-print onesies, we can't help but wonder just what these two are discussing. While it is definitely a conversation about socks, who knows just what these two have planned for later!

We are so glad that their mom was nearby and able to capture this adorable moment on video for the world to see. This mom of twin baby girls will surely replay it for them later in life when they are all grown up! However, we are also willing to bet these twins will supply a number of cute and funny videos not only then but as they get older too. We hope that mom is always there with her camera, ready to catch the action! 

The one-minute video has well over two million views on Youtube and other social media sites. Internet users have gushed all over the sweet video and commented with words like, "baby 1: I'm prettier than you! baby 2: we are twins, you idiot!" 

Other friendly internet users chimed in on the hit video and said:

"I have always wondered if babies understand each; this video proves it so cute."

All in all, not only did the twins have a blast shooting and making the video, the world is a better place for having seen it. Some people may argue that living in a time with modern technology makes life worse, but who can resist smiling and laughing during sweet moments such as in the video.

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching these two baby girls check out the adorable video of these two cutie-pies below: 

What did you think of these twins' adorable playdate? Did you love them as much as we did? If you laughed or smiled during this video—tell us what you think, and then pass this video along for others to see! 

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