Twin Sisters Win Duo Grand Champions With Clogging Dance

Lauren and Kaylee Thomas are sisters who dance together.

Their routine for the Clogging Champions of America in 2016 earned them the title of grand champions.

Lauren and Kaylee Thomas are sisters from Kentucky who both share a passion for clogging. They’ve been participating in this style of dance since they were little, and have won many awards and made great achievements together as a duo.

Uniformity is a big part of dancing, as it makes the whole routine look more polished and synchronized. Being sisters, they had the upper hand. When they move in perfect unison it’s almost as if your eyes are playing tricks on you. But in reality, they’re not twins. Lauren is the older sister of the pair and they have several years between them.

What Is Clogging?

According to Historic UK, clog dancing involves heavy steps and striking one shoe with the other, creating rhythms and sounds to imitate those made by the milling machinery.

Traditionally during competitions, judges would sit either beneath the stage or behind a screen, allowing them to mark performances purely on the sounds made. Only the legs and feet move, the arms and torso remaining still, rather similar to Irish step dancing.

This particular routine, since it’s a competition, showcases the best of the sisters’ clogging skills. Their lightning-fast feet clog the stage brilliantly to the twangy music. While the two girls held hands or locked their arms with each other for the majority of the performance, their smiles stuck throughout.

Doubletoe Times shared that Kaylee began clogging at the age of five, while Lauren was three. In 2012, they appeared on the Nickelodeon game show Figure It Out. They also brought their talent to a 2018 episode of The Gong Show with an act called The Terror Tap Twins.

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