Twin Girls And Their Siblings Dance To Dad's Music In Sheer Delight

Jul 31, 2022 by apost team

Have you ever wondered what happens to the puppies, babies, and familiar faces of internet memes? Where do they go after they go viral? Some families post updates of their peanut butter-covered infants, while others prefer to slip back into relative anonymity. They return to their lives without much more than a fun story to tell the grandkids, their moment of fame having been shelved until some future Throwback Thursday. After the flood of comments and tip jar payments has dried up, they recede back to normal life. Until someone in the present sees them in the grocery line or gas station and asks, "hey, weren't you that kid...?" 

In 2012, two twin girls captivated the internet when they shared a seemingly knowing look before bursting into what felt like a whole infant dance routine while their father played guitar. Sitting in their high chairs, the two busted moves to a self-composed guitar piece called "My Paradise" – a song their father had written just for his girls. 

What perhaps made the short clip unique is that it illustrated the twins' special bond. How they look at each other when the music starts as if to say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

The twins at the time were eleven months old when their father decided to upload the video to his YouTube channel. Going by the username, Brovadere, he wrote, "My identical girls get excited when I play my guitar!" According to Brovadere's YouTube channel, he was an independent artist who enjoyed writing, producing and mixing music. Perhaps the musician had plans of uploading more of his original content. However, Brovadere's page was quickly eclipsed by his twin's stage presence; 28 million views later, the girls might as well be a piece of internet history. 

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Brovadere uploaded a series of videos that year of his twins dancing and participating in various Internet trends, like the Harlem Shake. Often following a familiar pattern, the clips showed the girls dancing together, accompanied by their father's music. In one video taken at nineteen months, the twins appear in matching outfits, matching hairstyles, and- of course- a shared love for music and turn the family lounge into a tiny, two-person dance floor. In the description, Brovadere wrote, "It is simply amazing how they create their own dance moves!"

study from McMaster University found that babies who are exposed to music are more likely to smile. When these musical babies cry, they are easier to soothe than babies that aren't exposed to music. Plus, extra music exposure is linked to babies who are more likely to explore the world around them. 

In August 2014, Brovadere posted yet another update, titled "Twins still dancing two years later," which featured the girls - a bit more grown this time - sitting in booster seats, wiggling and waving along to their daddy's playing. "Our twin girls dancing to daddy's guitar two years later!" Brovadere wrote. In February 2017, Brovadere again updated the internet, this time introducing a new performer to the team. The video, released as a YouTube Short, was not of the twins but rather his third daughter dancing to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" during her 2017 Superbowl Halftime performance. Just going to show that smooth dance moves (and maybe musical talents) run in the family.

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