Turn A Can Of Condensed Milk Into Homemade Caramel Using This Simple Kitchen Trick

Whether you're whipping up a pie, cake, or cheesecake, caramel can be added to nearly any dessert with a delicious outcome. Store-bought caramel just isn't as tasty as the homemade stuff, but smart chefs have discovered a secret to making simple and easy caramel in your own kitchen.

To avoid all the synthetic and added ingredients in store-bought caramel, simply make your own using just a can of sweetened condensed milk and water.

  • Fill up a deep pot with hot water, then remove the labels from the cans of sweetened condensed milk.
  • After that, stick all the cans into the pot of water and, making sure they are completely submerged in the water, bring the water to a simmer. 
  • Keep an eye on the pot to make sure that the cans remained covered with the water.
  • Once they are done, let the cans sit overnight to cool.
  • After at least six to eight hours of cooling, open the cans and enjoy the delicious and sweet caramel inside.

It is important not to open the cans while they are in the pot. They are so hot that they could explode if opened.


This kitchen trick works because caramel is made using only a couple key ingredients like heated sugar, butter, and milk. Sweetened condensed milk is just sugar and milk, making it the perfect candidate for an easy caramel source.

This can save you money, as even the cheapest cans of sweetened condensed milk will turn into yummy caramel that would be expensive if just bought outright.

Did you know it was this easy to make mouthwatering homemade caramel? Let your friends in on this yummy kitchen secret! Comment and tell us your own secret kitchen tricks that others could use to make cooking easier or quicker.