Try These 16 Natural Remedies If You Are Dealing With Sunburn And Sunspots

We all love sunny days! But for many, sunny days means being careful, especially if you have been noticing sunspots forming on your body. It is important to always wear sunscreen when you are outside, even on somewhat cloudy days, but sometimes the damage has already been done.

Check out these sixteen tips that will help if you happen to get too much sun this summer! 


  1. Lemon: Apply the juice of a lemon with a cotton pad to your spots about three to four times a week. 
  2. Papaya: Papaya can be mashed up and applied to the area. After 20 minutes, rinse well. Papaya can be applied morning and evening. 
  3. Watermelon: Watermelon is another fruit that will help with sunspots if you rub it on the spot for 20-30. Applying it daily is fine.


  1. Red onion: Mix up a teaspoon of red onion juice with two teaspoons of honey and apply it to dark spots for 15 minutes, rinse well. Repeat twice a week.
  2. Tomato: Squeeze fresh tomato juice and rub it on the affected area, three to four times a week. 
  3. Cucumber: Mash up a large slice of cucumber and mix it with glycerin. Apply it to dark spots and wash away after 15 minutes. Repeat as often as wanted. 


  1. Sweet Almond Oil: Use sweet almond oil as a lotion. Apply just a few drops to any dark sunspots and leave on. You can sleep with it on every night. 
  2. Vitamin E: You can purchase vitamin E in capsules and use one at a time. Open up a capsule and apply it to the affected area before you go to bed. Leave it on overnight. You can use this method as much as you like. 
  3. Castor oil: Rub castor oil wherever there are sunspots. Apply it in the evening and in the morning as often as you would like. 


  1. Apple cider vinegar: Take half of a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with equal parts of lemon juice to create a paste. Apply this paste with a cotton ball to affected areas and wash off once it has dried. For sunspots, apply every other day for best results. 
  2. Green Tea: Brew strong green tea and apply it to your skin. You can either use a cotton pad dipped in the tea or set a tea bag on the area. You can use this method every other day. 
  3. Coconut water: Simply apply coconut water to the area and let it dry. You may wish to wash it off before applying makeup or other products (it can get sticky.) Use as often as you would like. 

Dairy Products 

  1. Buttermilk: Soak a cotton ball in buttermilk and let it set on your dark spots for 20 minutes. Rinse. You can apply it daily. 
  2. Yogurt: Look for a natural yogurt product that doesn’t have additives. Yogurt helps sunburned areas so you can apply it a few times during the day if need be. 


  1. Turmeric: You can mix up turmeric with any one of the afore-mentioned oils to make a thick paste. Apply it to spots and then rinse off after 20 minutes. Use this method no more than two times a week. 
  2. Sandalwood: Mix up a small amount of sandalwood powder with lemon juice or rose water to make a paste. Apply it to affected areas, allow it to dry, then rinse. You can use this every night. 

Try a few of the natural remedies above to get rid of the redness of dark sunspots. Remember, we recommend speaking to your family doctor before trying self-treatment. If you do not have any success with these treatments, your doctor may recommend chemical peeling, laser treatment, or cryosurgery. 

Do you have any stories or tricks concerning sunspots? Pass on this article to your friends and family and let us know your thoughts!