Treasure Hunter Finds Camera Containing Drowning Victim's Final Moments

Richard Ragland passed away in 2017 after he drowned at Foster Falls State Park. He was holding a Go-Pro that captured his final moments. Unfortunately, it was never found until now.

A treasure hunter named Rich Aloha recently discovered the camera when he was scuba diving in the same area that Ragland drowned according to WSB-TV. Park Rangers had told Aloha about Ragland's incident and the missing camera and told him to look out for it.

"I was going through the footage and sure enough... I just said 'Oh my God this is the guy,'" Aloha told the news station.

Aloha knew he had to find Ragland's family so he researched the story and was eventually able to track his parents down. The footage shows Ragland looking like he's having the best day, he went ziplining where he had a big smile painted across his face. Even leading up to the Falls incident, Ragland looks happy and is splashing around with his friends.

His mother told WSB-TV, “What we’ve seen so far is Rich being Rich, living life to the fullest.”

His parents are extremely thankful for Aloha's find and for returning the footage to them. "To go through the effort to do his research make numerous phone calls he didn't give up until he got in touch with us and that means the world to us," his mother said to the news station

Aloha is also glad he made the find. "I'm glad that I found it personally because I always try to do what's right and give the item back to the rightful owner," he said

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