Towering, Majestic Horse Makes Friends With Neighbors' Cows And This Moment Has Won The Internet

Sep 18, 2018 by apost team

Have you ever been around cattle? Were your intimidated by their enormous size and weight, knowing one could trample you and potentially kill you simply because they are so big? What if you stood next to an animal even larger than that?

Well, take a gander at this giant horse that stands head and shoulders above the cattle next door. This incredible black Ster Friesian horse named Koning lives in the UK. His owner has neighbors who own cattle. This scene of him trotting around on the other side of the flimsy looking fence from those cattle is simply incredible.

When he is first let out, he approaches the cattle directly. Unsurprisingly, they scatter from his approach. They aren't particularly comforted by the fence standing between them and him. He's huge and coming right at them, plus he's dressed strangely. He's got some kind of white garment on. None of the cattle are covered in anything like that. It's probably an alien idea for them and just adds to the weirdness of the experience.

Because they scatted, he backs off and trots around in a circle in a manner apparently intended to reassure them he's no threat. It works and they slowly gather along the fence, curious at this intriguing sight.

He heads back to the fence and they again act skittish, giving him a wide berth, but they are clearly not as concerned as the first time. He stops for a bit and stands his ground, neither approaching nor retreating. This helps calm them and they gather together again. With patience, he's even able to get close enough to one of the cows for a brief little "kiss."

While his interactions with the cows are fascinating, just the sheer size of the beast is perhaps the most interesting part of the video. When he gets up close to the cows, it gives you a handy comparison point and you can tell just how huge he is. It's breathtaking.

Can you imagine being up close and personal with such a large animal and not feeling a bit scared or awed? It seems like the cows felt much the same, torn between being afraid and in awe of this majestic, towering horse next door.

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