Touching Footage Shows Donkey Overcome With Emotion After Seeing Girl Who Raised Him

May 28, 2021 by apost team

On the surface, humans and animals have a lot in common from simple tasks like eating, sleeping and communicating. While the way we go about these may differ, they can bring us together. Humans and animals have been creating strong bonds with one another for quite a long time.

While most people opt for a pet that they can have by their side in their own home, others have been able to build strong bonds with less-domesticated animals. This could be from owning horses to befriending animals while traveling to raising barnyard friends. Whatever the case may be, humans and animals have shown time and time again that they can build real friendships with one another and show true emotions for their fellow pal.

A heartwarming video of a donkey reuniting with the young girl who raised him has recently been going viral thanks to the power of the internet. Training a pet on where to find their food bowl or where they should go to the bathroom can be challenging at times, but it is important in gaining the animal’s trust and teaching them responsibility. Non-domesticated animals can be trained, too, much like the donkey in the video.

People all over the world have been able to witness the beautiful bond between the two friends. In the video, the donkey was completely overwhelmed with his emotions upon seeing the girl, and the girl happily accepted him into her arms for a sweet embrace. Their friendship was obvious and beautiful to watch as they showed their love for one another.

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According to the Donkey Sanctuary, it is important to monitor donkeys’ behavior, especially when they are around other animals as they can become extremely territorial. While they typically enjoy the company of other donkeys, they can also sometimes bond with horses or mules. Having a long-time friend can be very beneficial to donkeys, but losing that friend could be detrimental. 

“Donkeys can develop very strong bonds with their companions and separating bonded pairs can create enough stress to result in the serious condition of hyperlipaemia, which can be fatal,” as is explained by the Donkey Sanctuary. Hyperlipaemia is a disease that is caused by too much fat in the blood and is impacted by high levels of stress.

Donkeys are intelligent creatures and are able to learn quickly and be trained. They never stop learning throughout the entirety of their life. According to the Donkey Sanctuary, donkeys are less likely to develop behavioral problems if they have been able to socialize with others, specifically other animals besides their own kind. This could also include building a strong bond with people since donkeys are able to learn from humans every time they interact together. 

Humans play a vital role in how donkeys learn and behave, which is why understanding the proper training methods and communication tactics is crucial. For example, it is not natural for a donkey to have to be ridden or travel in a trailer, so their behavior during these actions may not be the best. On the other hand, donkeys behave extremely well when they are handled properly and have an experienced trainer who knows how to communicate with them, according to the Donkey Sanctuary

A video of the reunion between a donkey and the young girl who raised him has recently been going viral. The video was uploaded to YouTube on April 26, 2019, and has received over 4.1 million views since. It was given new life when it was also uploaded on Twitter on May 23, 2021, where it has received over 6.4 million views.

In the heartwarming video, the girl was seen standing in front of the gates, the only thing separating her from the donkey. The donkey quickly approached the young girl and let out a sound full of overwhelming emotions. The animal’s braying was consistent as he continued getting closer to the girl. Once he was right in front of her, she grabbed him by the sides of his face and the two shared a sweet moment together. The heartfelt animal continued with his braying as the young girl who raised him gave him a small kiss on the bridge of his nose.

Although the animal was loud and urgent with his moves, his face looked peaceful as he was welcomed in a warm embrace by the girl. He closed his eyes and his ears moved back, revealing his comfort with her. The two friends hugged for a bit while the donkey tried to get as close as possible without crossing the gate. At the end of the adorable video, the donkey even appeared to be smiling as he was still held gingerly by his kind friend. This video shows us that animals feel just as much as humans do. With love and care, humans and animals can have strong and unwavering connections that last a lifetime.  

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