Totally Relaxed Dog Adorably Rides Along In Owner’s Backpack

Apr 16, 2021 by apost team

The term man’s best friend gets a whole new meaning in a viral video from August 2019 that features an extremely cute dog riding in his owner’s backpack as he walks down the street. We can’t seem to trace the origin of the video, but we loved it and had to make sure you see it.

In the video, a man is walking down the street with a black backpack in which the cutest husky puppy is riding along with his feet dangling adorably.  At one point, the footage zooms in, and it looks like the dog is smiling with his little eyes closed. 

The person who captured the footage wrote, “I was riding my moped for a day out and I saw that adorable husky. The puppy looked so cute.” We would have to stop and film too if we saw this adorable scene while out one day.

The way the dog is strapped into the backpack carrier, it almost looks like a carrier made for a baby — but these types of dog carriers have been gaining popularity recently. You may be asking yourself if carrying your dog this way, especially if they are medium or large-sized dogs, is safe. Well, we have done some research to help you decide.

Dog backpack carriers are helpful when you have an older dog who gets tired easily, or if you plan on going on long hikes or walks with your dog. Some breeds have low stamina while others, such as pugs, can quickly get in serious danger if pushed too hard.  

If you enjoy skateboarding, rollerblading or biking with your dog this may be a good option for you so they don’t get overtired trying to keep up with you.  

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HumbleDogs reports that they also keep dogs safe from the elements, if out in cold weather like snow and ice. You are also able to keep your hands free while using these carriers, which could be useful if you need to get things done outside but don’t want to keep your dog on a leash. They also come in handy if you are in an area with other dogs and you want to keep your puppy close to yourself for safety.

These types of carriers are great for bonding with your pet, or for pets who suffer from separation anxiety and need to feel close to their owners. Make sure you take some time to help your pet feel comfortable with the backpack carrier before you use it. You may need to train your pet to sit safely and not try to jump from the carrier while riding inside of it.

According to PetMD, dog backpack carriers are most commonly used for small dogs, but as you can see in the video, they will also accommodate medium and sometimes large dogs as well. It is helpful to measure your pet before purchasing a backpack carrier to ensure that they will have enough room to sit comfortably.   

One person commented on the video saying, “Lucky dog doesn't have to work." It’s true — this dog is living his best life being carried around so sweetly by his owner. He couldn’t look more relaxed and happy. We are sure that he looks forward to spending time with his owner as well.

Veterinarians say that when dogs are in healthy and happy environments, then they are able to live longer lives. Using a dog carrier backpack may help you spend more time with your dog while being able to keep a close eye on them, which keeps them safe and full of joy.

Dogs are so loyal to their owners and full of devotion that they need to feel loved and cared for in return in order to live full and happy lives. Finding creative ways to incorporate your pets into your daily schedule, like this backpack, will keep both you and your dog happy for years to come.

There is another viral video that features an adorable pooch riding along in his owner’s backpack, this time while he is rollerblading around Southern California. DailyStar reports that Andrew and his therapy dog, Benji, love to rollerblade down the scenic coastline of Pacific Palisades, California. Benji, who is a 4-year-old Bernedoodle, prefers to ride in his dog backpack carrier — instead of trying to run along at high speeds. 

Benji weighs 75 pounds, so he is definitely considered a large dog. Andrew says they only started using the backpack carrier recently, but Benji loves it and wants to be inside it every chance he can get. We are sure that Andrew is glad that Benji loves it so much since they get to spend a lot more time together. 

From the looks of the video below, the adorable baby husky looks like he is loving his time in his carrier as well! Dogs always find a way to make our day, and the video below is sure to make your day as well. 

Did this video make you smile? Would you use a carrier like this for your dog? Let us know your thoughts, and don’t forget to pass this along to your loved ones.

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