Tormented Quaden Bayles Continues Being Target For Trolls, Mom Says

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

In February, audiences around the world were deeply touched by the video of nine-year-old Quaden Bayles crying in his mom's car after being bullied at school. One would think that the bullying would end there. But sadly, as his mother has recently revealed, Quaden Bayles has been on the receiving end of a different type of bullying: harassment from online trolls.

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Nine-year-old Quaden Bayles from Brisbane, Australia was born with dwarfism. Differences like these are what make all people unique--but unfortunately, the kids at his elementary school didn't see him that way.

Quaden became a target for bullies who mocked his height and appearances. The bullying went on for weeks, and when Quaden came home crying one day, his mother Yarraka couldn't take it anymore. Yarraka posted a heartbreaking video of Quaden crying and sniffling in the car after coming home from school. In the video, she says that this is what bullying looks like.

Anyone who's been bullied in school knows that it can be absolutely devastating. Mean kids don't hold back, and they're utterly relentless. We can't even imagine the teasing, taunts, and insults that have been thrown at this poor child.

Luckily, the heartbreaking video did strike a chord with some viewers. The video went viral and attracted the attention of Australian celebrities like Hugh Jackman, who offered words of support to the child. Comedian Brad Williams opened a GoFundMe account to raise money to send Quaden on a family trip to Disneyland. The fundraiser received a whopping $70,000.

Yarraka also received messages of support and kindness from strangers all over the world. They praised her son, congratulated his bravery, and thanked her for being such a loving mother. After seeing this outpouring of support, you'd think that online trolls would learn to back off and keep their negativity to themselves. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case.

Quaden is still being targeted by online trolls

It seems like some people on the Internet have nothing better to do. According to The Queensland Times, months after Quaden's heartbreaking story went viral, his mother Yarraka revealed that she still receives hundreds of hateful messages and threats of violence. People attack Quaden regularly, as well as Yarraka and her granddaughter. She's even received death threats.

According to Yarraka, she uploaded the video of Quaden crying as a last-ditch attempt to bring awareness to childhood bullying. She'd complained to Quaden's teachers and principal numerous times, but it seemed like nothing would stop the endless torrent of bullying and harassment. She knew she had to stand up for her son.

And the video did bring awareness to bullying. People all over the world have shared their experiences, making it clear that Quaden's not alone. Yarraka has even talked about petitioning for Quaden's Law to bring even more awareness to the issue of bullying. It's clear that this woman has become a role model for mothers across the country.

Some people just don't get the message

Despite her accomplishments, online trolls continue to send her threats and harassment, reports. It seems that all Yarraka can do is try to shake it off and continue supporting her beloved son. Yarraka and Quaden have also been involved in multiple charities and events that raise money for dwarfism research. Whatever happens, they're not going to let the Twitter trolls get them down: and for that, we salute them.

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