Top Myths About The Royal Family That Are Entirely Untrue

There's a reason little girls dream of growing up to be princesses. Being part of the British royal family is an advantageous position in life. However, the status comes with some bizarre pitfalls.

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If you want to get married, you have to wait until the Queen gives permission. You can't talk publicly about anything deemed controversial. You can't sign any autographs, as the risk of forgery is too steep. If you get a gift, you have to take it, no matter how awful. You're not even allowed to play Monopoly because it gets too competitive! Yes, some of these rules seem ridiculous and they are true, but not everything you hear about this powerful family is to be believed. Sometimes, the media just makes up stories or embellishes true stories to make their pieces more interesting. Here are a few examples of myths regarding the royal family that just aren't true.

The Line Of Succession

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The line of succession is a big deal in the British royal family. It determines who is next in line to be king or queen of the realm. There is a rumor that Queen Elizabeth II has decided to skip her son Prince Charles in the line of succession. However, that is not true. He will keep his place unless he chooses not to rule.

Meaning Of The Union Jack Flying At The Palace

For whatever reason, it is commonly believed that the Union Jack flies over the palace whenever the Queen is in residence. However, that is inaccurate. The opposite is true. If you see the Union Jack flying over the palace, the Queen is away.

The Queen Drinks Too Much

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A misquote from chef Darren McGrady who was speaking about the four different types of wine the Queen likes led to the media saying the Queen drinks four glasses a day! Thankfully, that is untrue. She left the drinking to Winston Churchill.

Prince Charles' Eggs

Yesterday, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, joined members of the community from all faiths for the Grenfell Tower National Memorial Service.

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The media loves to pick on Prince Charles. Author Jeremy Paxman wrote a book titled "On Royalty" that contained a peculiar myth about Prince Charles. He claimed that Charles demands his staff boil him seven eggs every morning, but that he only eats one of them. Prince Charles' people themselves debunked the myth on his website.

No matter how bizarre the rituals are surrounding royalty, there will always be legends that seek to be even stranger. There's enough about the British royal family to entertain without believing these myths.

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