Top 10 Reasons Aries' Are Hard to Love

Feb 13, 2018 by apost team

People born under the Aries zodiac sign are like onions, you keep peeling more of their persona away and there are seemingly infinite layers to them. They're complicated and easily frustrate romantic partners because Aries have a hard time letting their guard down. If you put the energy and care into loving us, we will magnify it tenfold, but most people aren't dedicated enough and give up.

#1 We Know How to Manipulate

The first thing to get straight is that we are not liars. However, when we want something, nothing will stop us from getting it, and we know how to manipulate feelings. We can be farsighted with our goals and make careless steps along the way to achieve them. We are very sensitive people, but we also have the ability to unintentionally hurt others if they're in our way. If we don't break you down with our tireless explanations on why we have to have something, we'll guilt trip you until you concede.

#2 Our Sex Is Wild

Don't get too excited by this fact because you'll have a lot of expectations to fulfill. Dating an Aries can be very rewarding, but keep in mind that we bore easily. We don't like the same old routine because we believe that sex should always be fun and invigorating. Since we're guarded, we may not be so open about communication our displeasure, so our sexual frustration may show itself in other facets of the relationship.

#3 We Can Be Stubborn

We have unbreakable determination and strength. We will not back down from arguments or tolerate mistreatments. We chase until we get exactly what we want. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew since we can act impulsively, and we have to scramble to find a way to overcome our dilemmas. Although we can lack consideration for the consequences of our actions, we are also very brave and invested in what we love, which includes our relationships.

#4 It's Difficult to Forgive

We've seen it all before and don't want to get hurt again. If we let you into our heart and mind, you'll regret ever hurting us. We can't forgive because our trust is so hard to earn. We are very loyal, so we only expect loyalty in return. We are like elephants, and we won't ever forget if you hurt us.

#5 We Are Mature

This is why we don't just jump into relationships haphazardly. We want fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationships that encourage positive growth. We have a great sense of humor, but our sophistication doesn't bode well with fart jokes. If you want to woo us, then seduce our minds with your own intelligence.

#6 We Need a Ride Or Die

It will take a long time to get there, but once we love someone, the game is over. We will be there for you no matter what and remain completely faithful to you. Our seriousness can scare people away who are just looking for casual flings. Don't play with an Aries' heart because we do hold grudges.

#7 We're Tough to Crack

Every day dating an Aries will definitely keep you on your toes. Since we're so secretive and closed off, you'll probably have to play a lot of guessing games and be okay with feeling like you're in the dark. We won't be an open book, and if you want to know everything there is to know about us, you have to take the time to read until the end.

#8 We Know What We Deserve

And this also applies to everyone we love. We will fight for you if you suffer an injustice. We are overly-critical because we can get frustrated with the limitations the world places on us when we know exactly what we want from life. Our unfalteringly high standards can get us into trouble because we have a hard time readjusting our expectations.

#9 We Always Pay Attention

Aries should seriously be hired as private investigators. We can dig up information hidden ten years ago and present it fearlessly. Some may think we are too judgmental of others, but we can't help that we are sponges constantly soaking up information. We are not easy to fool, and if we suspect we're being lied to, trust that we'll always get to the bottom of it.

#10 We Need to be in Control

We are independent and guarded, so letting someone else have control over us is probably the scariest thing an Aries can imagine. We are leaders, and this doesn't translate well into healthy relationships where the partnership should be equal. We are serial over-thinkers and worriers, so our inability to control our relationships can be very draining.


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