Tom Selleck's Daughter Is One Of The Prettiest Women To Ever Exist

Nov 29, 2020 by apost team

Many children of Hollywood celebrities become professional actors. Others go into related industries such as management or production. Occasionally, a celebrity's child, such as Hannah Selleck, chooses an entirely unrelated career. Read on to find out what she does for a living!

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When people think of actor Tom Selleck, an image of his defining mustache would most likely come to mind. Selleck’s facial hair is so iconic that it even has its very own Facebook page titled Tom Selleck’s Mustache. The page currently has over 36,000 followers and it is listed as a “Public Figure.” The page updates regularly and uses pictures of Tom Selleck and his mustache fitting to the topic of the post. All of the page’s display pictures so far have been of Tom Selleck’s mustache with the rest of his face or body cropped out. 

Selleck is 75 years old this year. He is best known for his role in the 1987 comedy Three Men and a Baby, which was the highest-grossing film of that year. He started his career in show business in 1965 when he was 20 years old, appearing as a college senior on The Dating Game. After a string of commercial work and small TV roles, he got his big break as a private investigator 'Thomas Magnum' in the television series Magnum, P.I., and worked on the show from 1980 to 1988.

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On August 7th, 1987, Selleck married his current wife, British actress Jillie Joan Mack, in a low-key ceremony at Lake Tahoe. This is Selleck's second marriage, as he had been married to model Jacquelyn Ray from 1970 to 1982. Selleck’s first child, Kevin Selleck, is the biological son of Jacqueline Ray who Tom Selleck adopted after they got married. The actor remained in Kevin’s life following the divorce and even dabbled in a little bit of acting (he had appeared in one episode of Magnum, P.I.) before giving more attention to his music career. He was a former drummer in a rock band called Tonic.

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“It’s important to nurture your marriage,” he said, as per PEOPLE magazine in 2012. “I think wanting time away from work has been good for that.” 

Hannah Margaret Selleck is the daughter and only child of Tom Selleck and Jillie Joan Mack. She is a professional horseback rider, who also owns and operates a horse farm—a far cry from her parents' former Hollywood life.

If there were a recipe for making a movie star, it would resemble Hannah Selleck. Born to Hollywood parents, Hannah seemed to have the genes for a successful career. After all, good looks and even sharper minds run in her family.

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Hannah was born on December 16th, 1988. Shortly after she was born, her famous parents relocated to a 65-acre ranch in California. It was essential to Tom Selleck that his daughter grow up surrounded by nature. 

The actor told PEOPLE magazine in 2012 that his property has “a 1926 ranch house, a horse corral, and a 20-acre working avocado farm,” which he says is “hard to make a living, let alone a profit” from his crops.” Nevertheless, he counts the privacy and space that comes with the ranch to be “a real blessing.” Despite the abundance of avocados that surrounds him, the actor says that guacamole makes him gag. “I don’t eat ’em,” he told PEOPLE magazine.

“Honestly, they make me gag. But it’s just as well. I’ll sell my portion.”

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The ranch has been an ideal escape from Hollywood for Tom. He had gone from working 90 hours a week to doing a movie every break to leaving it all behind to start a family with Mack “I quit Magnum (P.I.) to have a family,” he said to PEOPLE in 2012. “It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me do that.”

Little did he or Jillie Joan Mack know that their new address would pave the way for their daughter's exciting career. “We both thought it was the best environment for her to grow up,” Mack said.

In an interview with Palm Beach Illustrated in 2019, Hannah shares that at the tender age of four-years-old, she had a significant defining moment: She rode her first horse. An old family photo posted to Instagram shows her hugging Taffy Apple, one of the first horses she owned.

As she grew up, her involvement with horses changed from a hobby to a passion. “I started at four and my parents just encouraged me to try all different things — dance, ice skating, soccer, lots of things that kids do,” Hannah told The Hollywood Reporter in October 2015. Around the time I was 12, I was getting more serious.” 

By the time she was 14 years old, she wholeheartedly pursued a career in horseback riding.  “Then around the age of 14, I was very good at ballet and riding. At that point I had to choose if I wanted to excel at either one. My love was with the horses. That’s when I became very serious about it,” she added.

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This passion continued throughout her college years. According to, she attained a communications degree while studying at Loyola Marymount. She then spent six months interning at a Beverly Hills public relations. But her heart was with her horses, and not with PR.

When she returned home after graduating at 23 years old, Hannah spent time with her parents and bonded over doing farm chores and binge-watching TV series like Gossip Girl, PEOPLE reported.

Hannah's horseback riding career took off when she was done with college. The equestrian continued training, entered horseback riding competitions, and founded a horse farm. She still owns and operates this business dedicated to her favorite animals. According to PEOPLE magazine, Tom and Mack say that living in the countryside influenced their daughter’s maturity.

Hannah says that riding is “always [her] priority.” After years of hard work, the 32-year-old has qualified for the Grand Prix level of competitive horse riding and a bunch of international medals, including finishing in the top fives at St. Moritz, Switzerland; Belgium; the Netherlands; and the Canadian Pacific Grand Prix at the 2015 Longines Masters of Los Angeles.

Equestrians get injured all the time, and Hannah is no exception to this. Thankfully, none of her injuries have been too serious. In June 2018, she had to undergo surgery and physiotherapy after her foot got stuck in the magnetic stirrup when the horse she was on refused to jump and instead turned quickly. She did not compete or train for seven months, as reported by Palm Beach Illustrated.

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When she is not competing, she is training and tending to her farm where she oversees staff who help groom and exercise her horses. “For me, it’s always work,” she tells Palm Beach Illustrated. “It’s not like idle trail riding. We’re always working for a goal and we prepare for weeks for that one to two minutes in the arena. I’m always thinking about what we need to do to improve.”

Hannah's career must be quite exciting for her and her Hollywood parents. While she is also considering pursuing an MBA, Hannah knows that her true love will always be with her horses. “I want to keep going on the journey and see where it takes me,” she says. But whatever that future brings, she adds, “horses will always be part of my life.”

According to recent Instagram posts, the equestrian is currently dating American polo player and model, Nic Roldan, 38. The two were in Aspen, Colorado earlier this month for the Aspen World Snow Polo Championship are currently spending the holidays together at their home. Earlier this week, she posted a picture on Instagram of her and Roldan enjoying a skiing session on Ajax Mountain in Aspen. The two seem really compatible because of the similarities in their lifestyles and passions.

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For starters, they are both December babies. And like his girlfriend, Roldan started riding horses at a very young age. According to an interview with VUE in 2018, he moved to a polo farm in Wellington, Florida with his family as a toddler and started riding horses with his father at three years old. By the time he was five, he began training in polo and was the youngest player in history to win the US Polo Open title at just 15 years old.

Besides having careers that revolve around horses, the two truly love the animals. In just a few years, Roldan had helped raise over a million dollars for Brooke USA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to significantly improve the welfare of horses, donkeys, and mules all around the world.

For Hannah, it is the connection she has with the horses since she was young that drew her to become an equestrian in the first place.

“I loved being around the animals, and as a kid, taking care of different ponies and hanging out at the barn all day,” she said. “The whole riding culture. You’re spending so much time one on one caring for the horses, so I fell in love with that. As I progressed in the sport, I fell in love with the competition itself.”

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What do you think of her decision to go her own way? Perhaps you've chosen a completely different path than your parents or other family members. Take a few moments to let us know in the comments, then be sure to pass this on to any friends and family.

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