Tom Jones Says He's Got Another Big Chart-Topper Left In Him As He Turns 80

Sir Tom Jones, who turned 80 last week, is showing no signs of slowing down his musical career. The iconic singer declared he believes he has one more chart-topper in him and even though there are a range of young competitors around him, that won't get in his way.

Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage/Getty Images

Turning 80 is an impressive and important milestone, so it's no wonder the big occasion made Sir Jones contemplate his career and achievements. In an interview with The Sun, Tom said:

“People know I’ve done Sex Bomb, or Delilah or whatever. Not that I won’t do it again, there might be another Sex Bomb out there, you never know, I’m not ruling it out. I want to keep on singing for many years yet. I know my time is getting shorter because of my age, but how short it is I don’t know."

A new documentary for BBC Radio 2 has been created called, "Sir Tom’s Musical Journey." The intimate interview reveals how his life completely changed in 1965 after the song "It's Not Unusual" went to No.1 in the charts, and was Sir Tom's very first No.1 hit. His career then went from strength to strength, as he sold more than 100 million records and has 40 studio albums, reports Official Charts.

Sir Tom also spoke about how he became a bit of an icon with the ladies–there was a huge fanbase of women who would go crazy at his concerts. The Voice coach said, “I didn’t mind being a sex bomb. My shirt became part of the thing. I wore a tuxedo to start with then I started to take it off, as it was too hot to wear. It wasn’t intentional at the beginning. It just came about because I was hot on stage.”

We are sure that his fans can't wait to hear the next chart hit and will be waiting with bated breath!

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