Tom Jones Gives Impromptu Performance Of Classic Rock And Roll Song And Audience Loves It

The one thing you know you can look forward to on the hit series The Voice is singing.

But it's usually from the contestants, not the judges. Sir Tom Jones broke that mold in the best way possible.

Fans know the show's concept. Bring in raw talent and see what they have to offer. If they make the cut, a big name in the music industry picks them with the intent of making them into the next great star.

Recently on the UK version of The Voice, there were plenty of big names waiting in the big chairs. Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs, and Will.I.Am kept three of the seats warm, but the fourth seat was taken by the legendary Sir Tom Jones.

When you watch the show on TV, you see one contestant after the other without much pause in between. However, during the filming there is a lot of idle time between contestants.

During one of those downtimes, Will.I.Am decided to encourage the next contestant to not be nervous and to "just bring that fire". Jennifer Hudson loved his energy and told him to put it to song. Before Will.I.Am could say a word, Tom Jones spoke up and suggested they sing "Great Balls of Fire".

The audience loved the idea and gave it a quick burst of applause. Jones started with the first lines. Jennifer was in complete awe and wanted more. Will.I.Am brought on the percussion from his judge's stand.

Of course, there were some skepticism that this was a truly impromptu act. It seemed to be too good for something supposedly spontaneous. There's really no way to tell because it showcases Tom Jones' talent and skill as a singer so well. Plus, he has done the song before, so he is completely familiar with it.

"Great Balls of Fire" is a true classic of the blues genre. The song was written by Otis Blackwell and Jack Hammer. Jerry Lee Lewis first recorded it and brought it to the charts.

The song is well-known to plenty of seasoned musicians, including those on The Voice stage. Tom Jones' version on that stage was just as likely to have been spontaneous than not.

Anyway, the crowd and his fellow judges loved his rendition. Everyone began singing along and throwing in a few dance moves.

So, what do you think of Sir Tom Jones' performance of "Great Balls of Fire"? Let us know. Be sure to give your friends and family the chance to enjoy it themselves.