Tom Hanks Says He Cried After Reading Nice Tweets For Thanksgiving

Dec 06, 2019

Tom Hanks' 'nice guy' reputation just went up a few notches. The actor read nice tweets in a now-viral video for Twitter. The video was the opposite of Jimmy Kimmel's popular segment on his T.V. show where celebrities read mean tweets. 

One of the first tweets Tom read was about a fast-food restaurant employee at Mcdonalds. Hanks began: “I worked at McDonald’s for two and a half years and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10-piece I made." Hanks commented on the tweet saying, "that is a man who is not only being nice but is feeding the world a bit better."

A few tweets later, and Hanks looked visibly moved by one tweet. The tweet was written by a young woman who said her boyfriend had broken up with her. However, when she got home she found a personalized cake with icing on the top that said, “You’re still my #1! Love, Dad.”

Hanks immediately said after reading the tweet, "I'm gonna start crying again cause that's absolutely beautiful." He then added, “By the way, whoever broke up with you is a dope.” 

The video was posted by Twitter on Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude. It's a very stark contrast between the other popular segment on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show called "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets." Already from the title, celebrities read mean tweets about themselves and usually come up with a funny comment to say to the user afterwards. 

However, it seems the internet enjoyed Hanks' nice tweets segment better. One user commented, "I sure like hearing about nice tweets instead of the mean ones! Tom reading them makes it even better!! Great video!" Another user seemed to have turned from liking mean tweets into liking nice ones when he said, "I really enjoy mean tweets but had no idea how much better nice tweets would be!" 

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