Tom Hanks & Sandra Bullock Recreate Popular Giant Piano Routine From "Big" Movie

May 30, 2020 by apost team

Playing the piano at a high level is not an easy thing to do. It takes years of practice before the average person can consider themselves a good piano player. And that is when you are using your hands. Imagine how much the degree of difficulty is increased if you try to play the piano with your legs. 

Recently, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock took on this challenge. The duo made the task look easy. Tom Hanks appeared in the movie 'Big' in 1988. In one scene of the movie, a much younger Hanks jumped onto a giant piano and provided movie watchers with a thrilling rendition of chopsticks while playing the instrument with his feet. Fans of Hanks remember the 30-year-old scene as if it were yesterday. 

Hanks is regularly asked about the scene from 'Big' in interviews he does today. The subject came up in 2013 when Hanks made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross show to promote his latest work, 'Captain Phillips.'

Ross did not just ask Hanks a question about the scene during the hilarious segment. He pointed to a giant piano on the floor not far from Hanks and asked if he would treat the audience to a performance. Hanks graciously agreed and treated audience members to a short sample of 'Heart And Soul.' Ross joined in the fun and attempted a few notes from 'Chopsticks.' 

Ross moved aside and let Hanks thrill the crowd alone once more. He played an uptempo song that the audience enjoyed. But everyone wanted to see Hanks recreate the magical scene from 'Big' and play 'Chopsticks.' 

Hanks needed a partner to deliver what the audience wanted. It just so happened that Sandra Bullock was also a guest on the show and agreed to join Hanks in the performance. Hanks and Bullock are friends and have made movies together in the past. Bullock was more than willing to come to the aid of Hanks but was wearing a pair of spiked high heels. Hanks did not think it possible for her to play the piano while wearing the shoes. 

In the video, Hanks expresses concerns that she can not play 'Chopsticks' wearing the heels. Bullock reassures him that she can. And while most people would struggle to walk in the heels worn by Bullock, she amazed everyone by playing the piano with them. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the incredible performance delivered by the two. 

Many commenters spoke of how great it was to see two of their favorite performers work together to recreate the classic movie scene. 

Bullock and Hanks seemed to be natural at playing the piano with their feet. The amazing performance they provided the audience members on the Jonathan Ross show is available below for your enjoyment. It is certain you will be just as impressed as those who saw the performance in person. 

Did you have doubts about the spiked high-heels worn by Bullock before she began playing? Did watching the performance of the two cause you to remember the original scene in 'Big'? Send this video to all of your friends. They will enjoy the performance as much as you did.