Tom Hanks, 64, Looks Hardly Recognizable In Teenage Picture Thanks To Different Hairstyle

Oct 10, 2020 by apost team

Seeing old pictures of celebrities can be somewhat jarring. The feeling is even stronger when the celebrity in question is a superstar like Tom Hanks whose face is familiar to so many people. Today we're going to take a trip back to the beginning of the star's career to see an early black-and-white photo of the Hollywood icon, which he posted earlier this year on his Instagram account. Although his age and haircut make him look quite different, he is still incredibly handsome regardless.

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Whether playing a comedic role or a part in a heartwarming drama, Tom Hanks has demonstrated some of the greatest skill and flexibility ever shown in the acting profession. To say he has range is an incredible understatement. Yet he is known for more than just his acting chops. He is also renowned for his striking appearance and timeless charm.

Over the years, his look has changed surprisingly little. In fact, many have noted that Hanks has an almost vampire-level ability in fighting the aging process. From the 1990s when he rose to stardom, his looks have remained surprisingly constant. However, fans are used to seeing Tom Hanks' conservative, neat, and short haircut.

Even diehard fans of Tom Hanks will likely be surprised to find out that his hair was not always so impeccable quaffed. The actor recently showed off a much different version of himself.

Instagram has become one of the go-to resources for stars to communicate with their fans. The platform has given fans a way to interact with their favorite celebrities one-on-one with speed and intimacy. Instagram gives these fans a look into the personal lives of celebrities so they can see the ins and outs, the good along with the bad.

This past May, Hanks gave us just such an insight into his past on his Instagram page. He captioned the picture by writing, "Big Day for Skyline High School of Oakland California! I'm happy to be part of it! Hanx, 74." Considering Hanks' 1956 birthdate, this 1974 photo would have captured him at a fresh eighteen years of age. In a hip, dapper tuxedo, which likely had no backing, we see his long flowing curls set against a generic backdrop. Picture day at its finest.

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Despite the drastically different hairstyles, the facial features and expression are undeniably Tom Hanks. His subtle smile, long face, bold eyebrows, and defined features could never be mistaken for anyone else. 

In a 2016 interview with the BBC Radio 4 show Desert Island Discs, Hanks candidly spoke about his past and the difficulties of his childhood. It was not an easy road from starting with nothing to staring in a film like Cast Away. In the interview, he described his childhood self as a "vagabond."

Hanks was raised by his father, Amos, according to Amos was a chef who, despite some significant culinary chops, was unable to establish a stable career in the difficult food industry. Thus, Amos and Tom had to move around continuously.

Although he probably enjoyed spending time with his father and brother, the lifestyle was a difficult one. Hanks was only five years old when his parents went through a difficult divorce in 1960, according to MSN. Divorce is always made more complicated when children are involved, and thus the fact that Tom was one of four children made for a bitter and messy process.

Today, however, he is one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood, and he has a happy family with American actress Rita Wilson.

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Seeing Tom Hanks with such flowing hair is a sight to behold. What's your favorite photo of an actor before they struck it big in Hollywood? Talk about it in the comments, and don't forget to pass this article to all of your friends.

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