'Toilet Tissue' Sketch From 'The Carol Burnett Show' Hits Home In 2020

As people around the world contend with the frightening Coronavirus Pandemic, many American find some comfort in a comedic scene performed decades ago. Carol Burnett, surely one of the funniest and most popular comediennes to ever appear on network television, performed a hilarious sketch about toilet paper on The Carol Burnett Show (1967-1978). Especially during current times, when some people hoard toilet paper without any thought to others, it might be just the thing to make you smile and forget the stress.

An Amusing Social Parody

In the sketch, Carol Burnett portrays a housewife who returns home one day to discover her poor selection of toilet paper brands displeases everyone in her life. Recounting the scene in too much detail here would spoil its impact (you really need to watch the sketch to appreciate it). However, if you've discovered packages of toilet paper in short supply at your local grocery store recently, you'll certainly feel some empathy with Carol Burnett's comedic character!


A Beloved Comic

The fact Carol Burnett's entertaining performance delivered over 40 years ago still brings happiness to people in the era of Social Distancing certainly reflects on her incredible talent! Today in her 80s, Carol Burnett received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 for her contributions to the entertainment field. The Carol Burnett Show aired on the CBS broadcast network for eleven years. It interspersed comedy sketches with music and dancing in a popular variety show format.

A Very Popular Variety Series

The Carol Burnett Show featured recurring performances from Lyle Waggoner, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, and Vicki Lawrence. Dick Van Dyke appeared as a regular during the final year of the program. Leading celebrities of the 1960s and 1970s made guest appearances on the hit series. Some of these performers included Dinah Shore, James Stewart, Carl Reiner, Buddy Ebson, Lucille Ball, Jim Nabors, Flip Wilson, Bob Hope, Robert Goulet, Peter Lawford, Perry Como, Jerry Lewis, Mike Douglas, Barbara Eden, Leonard Nimoy, Dionne Warwick, Bing Crosby, Jonathan Winters, Minnie Pearl, Don Adams, and many others. Guests frequently included musical artists. The Carpenters appeared in September, 1971 and The Pointer Sisters starred on the show in September, 1974. Captain and Tennille performed on the show during its final season, in January, 1978.

Facing Adversity With Humor!

Today, the rich legacy of Carol Burnett and other talented comics provides a useful tool assisting stressed-out consumers. The sketch helps empower people to weather crises big (and small) with grace. Most folks find some humor in the enduring popularity of toilet paper as a household commodity, for example. Despite recent disruptions and widespread economic setbacks, laughter enables everyone to focus more clearly on the things that really matter. Please reflect on this timely sketch from The Carol Burnett Show. Let us know your feelings about it. We'd like to hear from you!