Toilet Paper Or Reusable Family Cloth? How Some Families Are Going Green

People around the world are looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste they produce. Most ideas are well-received by the general public and typically individuals and families who “go green” are applauded.

However, there are a few ideas that aren’t as socially accepted as others.

Reusable family cloth is one such example. This product is produced to replace toilet paper in the bathroom for both “number one and number two." Reusable cloth is made from a gentle fabric that is both functional and attractive.

However, many take issue with the concept. 

To begin, family cloths are used just like regular toilet paper or wipes. What happens after you use them? Users say that after using a family cloth you need to presoak it in a bucket filled with water and laundry soap. Then, run a load of laundry with only the cloths. Dirty cloth wipes should always be laundered either by themselves, away from the regular family laundry. If there are babies in the home still in cloth diapers, they can be washed with the soiled diapers. Hot water is recommended for every wash. 

Many users love the idea of saving on the high cost of toilet paper and using cloth instead. They say it helps the environment and cuts down on unnecessary waste. But many believe it is not only a backward decision but also a disgusting one. Some say you don’t even have to buy reusable cloth, as you could use old clothes that no longer fit. 

Of course, the thought of reusable family cloth is going to be hysterical to many people. Some say it would be their “one true enemy” while others stated that they would be the “fall of Western civilization” if the idea became mainstream. Reusable family cloth may help the environment but getting people onboard with the idea of reusing such a product is going to be tough. 

What would your family think about using family cloth in the bathroom? Pass this article their way and let us know!