Toddler’s Reaction To Holiday Aisle At The Department Store Is Everyone At The End Of The Year

Some of the Christmas decorations you find in stores are absolutely awesome. It’s not uncommon to see dolls that move and sing and trees adorned with colorful lights. To adults like you and me, this is nothing new, but to a child who’s seeing this for the very first time, the sight can be overwhelmingly exciting. And so it was for one little boy who visited the Christmas aisle in a store with his mommy one day.

The mother of this little boy was prepared to catch her child’s reaction on camera when she wheeled him through the Christmas aisle of a store for the first time.

When this little tyke set his eyes on everything around him, all he could say was “ooooooooh!” As you listen to “Jingle Bells” playing softly in the background, the boy fixes his widened eyes on something in particular, and his mouth conforms to the shape of the letter “O”.

He’s quiet for a moment, then his mother continues to push the shopping cart he’s in through the store. This little guy is obviously enjoying his interesting tour of the place as he examines everything he sees and responds with lots of giggles and different “ooooooooh” sounds.

The little boy’s mother makes many stops for her boy so he can take in everything. Then Santa Claus attracts his attention. When the mother suggests that they take a look at the Christmas trees, the boy seems to enthusiastically say yes in baby language.

This young boy is truly fascinated by all the Christmas decorations he’s seeing for the first time, and anyone who watches how he reacts to what he sees can’t help but be fascinated by him.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what this little boy does when he sees his house decorated for the holidays?

View this video to see how magical Christmas is to a child. Watch this little boy and giggle with delight, just like he did when he saw all the Christmas decorations.