Toddler With Down Syndrome Proudly Walks Down The Aisle Carrying The Rings

Dec 14, 2019 by apost team

Life can be difficult for those who suffer from Down syndrome as they struggle with aspects of life that are generally easier for those who don't suffer from the challenges of this disorder. However, the joys of life can be just as significant for those with Down syndrome, and one of those experiences was recently enjoyed by Braden Mayer, a little boy who served as an adorable ring bearer at a wedding ceremony.

What was most memorable from this special moment was how determined, proud, and emotional he was as he made his way down the aisle while the entire congregation turned to watch him and applaud. Braden had tears in his eyes and was wearing such a proud smile.

This young boy has already shown in so many ways that he's determined to get as much out of his life as possible. Even if it takes him longer than his peers to learn some things, he's determined to keep pushing until he gets it, and he then looks for another challenge to overcome. His mother, and family, have also helped him along in any way that they can, regularly showering him with love, care, and support reports Glad Wire.

It's this determination that touched the hearts of all of those in that congregation as well as those throughout the world who later watched the touching video of that special moment. They could see everything that had led to that walk, and it was also so great to see how much it meant to Braden, who flashed that genuine, heartfelt smile as the cheers filled his ears.

Although the video is short, it's easy to see in its 29 seconds that Braden will surely accomplish a lot in his life and have a happy and fulfilling one. And, even though he'd likely show this determination regardless of who surrounded and supported him, having such a supportive group of family and friends will only help him reach as close to his potential as possible.

What are some of the most impressive things that you've seen someone with Down syndrome accomplish? This can include both those who are young like Braden as well as older individuals who have accomplished so much more than many had expected of them. Have you ever been surprised by what someone who suffers from Down syndrome was able to accomplish in their life?