Toddler Struggles To Stay Afloat In Hotel Pool Prompting 6-Year-Old Twins To Rescue Her

May 24, 2023 by apost team

In the summer of 2018, Ohio residents Amy Walters and DJ Dieter thought it would be a normal family vacation when they took their 6-year-old twin boys, Peyton and Bryant Switzer, to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Wanting to have some extra time to soak up the sunshine, they made the decision to arrive at the hotel one day early so that they could all hang out at the pool before going to the theme park.

While Peyton and Bryant were swimming at the Orlando hotel, they saw a young girl jump toward the deep end of the pool, only to emerge from struggling to swim and stay afloat.

As if the twins were trained lifeguards, Peyton and Bryant acted immediately to save the young girl’s life.

Peyton, who was closer to the girl, grabbed her and helped her to the surface while Bryant pulled her out of the pool with the help of a nearby ladder.

"Without thinking twice, Peyton jumped in and swam over to her," Walters told CBS News. "He wrapped his arm around her and swam her over to the ladder, where Bryant was. Bryant then helped her up the ladder to where her mother and DJ had come over to help pull her up."

At just 6 years old, the twins were heroes, and after outlets like CBS News and Inside Edition got ahold of their story, they would become internet sensations.

Although it takes some kids years to learn how to become strong swimmers, Peyton and Bryant learned how to swim at an early age since many of their family members have pools at home.

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And that practice — what little they had — paid off immensely, as this story goes to show.

“We have always wanted to make certain that they did know how to swim well enough that they could save themselves, or help save someone else," Walters told Inside Edition.

Since the twins’ rescue, even an Ohio state representative recognized the two youngsters for their heroic act.

“I just wanted to save her and I didn’t even think what to do," Peyton told Inside Edition. "I just did it on my own, because she was drowning, and her mom was afraid that she was going to die."

According to Inside Edition, it was only later that Dieter found out what happened. The little girl, who CBS News identified as 3-year-old Charlie, jumped into the pool while her mother was packing up floating devices and facing away from the pool.

"They were overcome with anxiety, fear, gratitude and all of those emotions," Dieter told Inside Edition. “The little girl was kind of scared and she was crying at first but she was just so glad we were all there to help her.”

“It just goes to show how quickly something like this can happen,” Walters added.

Apart from praise from receiving an award from the Ohio State House of Representatives after their swimming lessons at their local Bowling Green, Ohio pool, readers and viewers from around the world have also congratulated the twins for their bravery, with many adding that they are impressed by the boys’ swimming skills.

“I can picture them being lifeguards when they’re older,” one YouTube commenter wrote in response to the below video.

“Please get them on the swim and water polo team now! And lifeguarding in their future,” another user agreed.

Apart from birth defects, drowning is the leading cause of death among children between ages 1 and 4, according to the CDC. And every year, there are nearly 4,000 fatal drownings, which averages out to around 11 drowning deaths per day. Because drowning deaths are so common — and also because most of them are preventable — it’s important to take measures to protect children. The CDC recommends teaching your kids to be strong swimmers, along with making sure to closely supervise swimming children and adding protective barriers around pools.

Luckily, Peyton and Bryant were strong enough swimmers that they could rescue 3-year-old Charlie.

"We have received lots of calls, texts and messages from family, friends, coworkers, the twins' and their brothers' current and past teachers and coaches, clients and community members who have seen the story all over the U.S.," Walters told CBS News. "They have even forwarded messages from others that were sent to them from people we don't even know ... Even our local firefighters and policemen and women were excited and told them they saw them on TV."

"They have been getting lots hugs and high fives everywhere we go," Walters added. "They are very proud of what they did and are gracious for all of the recognition and accolades and beam from ear to ear, but have remained humble and know they did the right thing, just like anyone should when someone is struggling."

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