Toddler Sees Man With A White Beard While Shopping And Thinks He's Santa Claus

Children often exhibit the magic of Christmas better than others. You can see the excitement in their eyes when they see Santa and all of the lights and decorations. One 3-year-old confused an older man with Santa, and his response to her was heartwarming.

The little girl was in the grocery store with her father when she saw a man in a red shirt who had a white beard and glasses.

He looked just like Santa Claus!

Robert Riley didn't expect that his daughter would walk up to the man, but she kindly approached him and asked if he was really Santa.

It was then that the man showed his Christmas spirit.

He knelt down and pretended to be the jolly old man for at least a few moments to make the child happy. Sophie showed Santa her nails and told him what she wanted for Christmas. She also told him that she would leave cookies and milk for him when he visited.

The man asked her if he could have all of them, but Sophie informed him that he could only take one because his reindeer need a treat too.

While Sophie was talking to the man who played Santa, her sister recorded the interaction on her phone.

It was a magical moment that puts the holiday season into perspective. It shows the faith and love that a child has along with the belief in something that many can't grasp.

Watch as Santa listens to Sophie and makes her day by simply going along with her dream and let us know what you think of this adorable interaction in the comments! Don't forget to spread this little moment of holiday cheer to your friends and family.