Toddler Perfected Her Dance Over Months — Only Four Seconds Into Her Routine, Her Brothers Take It To The Next Level

Mar 31, 2021 by apost team

It seems like everyone has heard of the multiplayer video game Fortnite these days. It's a phenomenon that quickly became popular around the world. While many parents and partners may not understand the game and would like their loved one to put down the controller once in a while, that might not happen any time soon as the game has only risen in popularity over the years. One of the most important ways that Fortnite has also affected the world is by introducing viral dance moves. 

Also in part due to the rise of TikTok, seeing dances by young adults and teenagers all over the world in random places, such as a supermarket, is becoming more commonplace. The internet offers a great platform for people to share these dances with other viewers and even collaborate on dancing together through the internet. Many parents come to know that their children are playing Fornite when the kids begin practicing the cool dance moves they learned in the game.

The dances are actually quite fun to do, and once kids get the hang of it, they also teach their siblings to dance with them. There are thousands of videos of siblings dancing together in perfect coordination on social media sites. In this video from 2018, one little girl is joined by her brothers in a simple but extremely adorable dance, and the result is definitely going to make you melt. The person who uploaded the video, Michael Vullo, has shown us how beautiful sibling bonds can be when dancing together! 

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The little girl most probably learned some of these moves by watching her big brothers play the game, and we have to say that she is quite talented with her dancing! The video begins with the little girl pulling all of her long hair forward as the song "Powerglide" by Rae Sremmurd begins. The adorable dance routine was being taped by her mom. In the beginning, it isn't quite clear what is about to happen, but as the music picks up its pace, the little girl starts her dance; it is the famous "Shoot" dance, which is also called "Hype" in Fortnite. This is quite likely one of the most viral dances of all time, so much so that it overlapped into TikTok dances as well.  

Soon, her brother slides into the frame and joins his little sister in her dance. Together, the brother-sister duo enjoys an excellent dance routine together, and it is clear that her brother is also a talented dancer. Looks like talent runs in the family. Within the next few beats, surprisingly enough, another brother joins in and starts the signature hopping and pumping that the "Hype" dance is known for. The three siblings together make a great team and have definitely shown that Fornite taught them how to dance well! 

Finally, the last brother comes into the frame and it looks like the team is complete. The four siblings, standing in descending order height-wise and age-wise, coordinate their dance moves perfectly, and while they aren't professional dancers, they are definitely doing their moves really well. After they show their cohesion, it is time for the individual breakout dances.

Fortnite dances came into popularity because, during the game, players can make their character perform dance over 150 different types of dance moves. It is a way to celebrate a win in the game and also show your own individual personality through a personalized dance choice.   

Some of the most popular dances have become a staple in the online world even after being introduced a few years ago, such as the "floss," "jubilation," and "orange justice." All three of these dances moves along with the "wiggle" are showcased by the siblings in their freestyle moment.

The little girl does the "Floss" dance, which may have people who are not frequently online confused as it has nothing to do with dental hygiene. Don't let the simplicity of the dance fool you, it is more intricate than it looks. The move was first popularized by singer Katy Perry when she invited the original teenager who created the dance, Russell Horning, onto her performance on Saturday Night Live in 2017. The little girl's moves in this video are on point for such a young person! 

Her brother who is next to her does the extremely popular "Orange Justice" dance. This dance was submitted as part of a contest by Fortnite in which contestants could submit videos of dance moves, and NY Mag reports that the winning move would be added to the game. A boy known as "Orange Shirt Kid" submitted his dance move, and though he did not win, his dance moves became viral instantly on Fortnite. The youngest brother has got insane talent as he performs the "Orange Justice" flawlessly! 

The middle brother does the "Wiggle" which is somewhat self-explanatory. As per Curious and Geeks, the dance was created by a French "Call Of Duty" player named "Broken." The oldest brother is doing a dance called "Jubilation," which is interestingly taken from "Seinfeld," the highly popular series from the 80s. It comes from a scene when one of the main characters, Elaine, comes home from holiday and has all other main characters celebrating her return. 

This little breakout session allows each of the siblings to have their own individual expression about what kind of dance they like. It is also quite funny to see each one freestyle with moves that make them the happiest. It is clear that all four of them had a great time filming this! The video has gained a whopping 98 million views since it was uploaded in 2018 and has been received positively.

User Rita Santiago wrote, "The girl is so good and when the 3 boys come and dance it made me laugh so much 😆"

Another user, Novie Jill Abrera, commented on the sweet sibling relationship shown in the video, saying, "I think its really cute that her big brothers danced with her." We definitely agree with her! 

This video is a great way to showcase a close-knit, 21st-century family that knows how to put on some moves. Thanks to games like Fortnite, more children are finding joy in dancing as well as a community to dance along with. We are sure these kids in the video are only going to become better dancers as the years go by! 

Seht euch das Video an und sagt uns was ihr von dieser Tanzroutine haltet! Vielleicht kennst du auch jemanden, der dir die Fortnite Moves bebringen könnte!

What is your opinion on these subling' video-game-inspired dance routine? Tell us what you think, and if this video made you smile, make sure you show it to your friends and family to brighten their day! Maybe the Fortnite fans in your life have some moves to show you as well! 

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