Toddler Meets Twin Babies And Becomes Confused After One Baby Begins Crying And The Other Remains Calm

Toddlers and their reactions are so cute. But this toddler was beyond cute. Sometimes they say something cute and other times they do something cute. Either way, it is great to capture in on video, like this video of a little brother seeing his twin sisters.

Sitting between his twin sisters, Landon seemed confused. It was the first time he saw both of them at the same time and was serious about trying to understand what was going on. He even looks at his parents trying to figure out what is going on.

He kept looking from side to side, seeming to not understand what he was looking at. He could not understand how the same baby was on each side of him.

So, his parents took the cute video of him, to capture his innocent response to seeing his two sisters.And, if it was not enough that the two babies looked the same, one was crying and the other one was not. So, it seemed as if he was getting two images

When he turned one way, the baby was calm and just sitting there. When we turned the other direction, the baby was crying and not happy.

He will be able to see this when he is grown up and appreciate the comedic value of his interaction with his sisters. Pass on this hilarious moment to your friends and family. We're sure they'll get a good laugh!