Toddler Is Emotional After Her Daddy Disappears Into The Bathroom And Comes Back With No Beard

Oct 15, 2020 by apost team

Can an infant perceive a change in the appearance of her father? Apparently, the answer is yes. Kids often perceive the world around them during their early lives through such senses as touch and sight.

A little girl in Calgary had grown familiar to her dad's bushy beards and could not contain herself when she saw him without it. The girl, who had barely started talking, could not hide her reaction when she noticed that her dad had shaved. This video from 2013 is all kinds of cute and funny. 

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Children sometimes have a hard time grasping change. For one family in Calgary, this proved to be true when a father drastically changed his look. Josh and his family live in Calgary, Alberta, reports MSN

Josh had grown a winter beard that was thick, and certainly changed the way he looked without a beard. After significant growth, he had decided to clean shave it. However, his daughter Dot was not having it, as seen by her reaction in the video below.

Josh wanted to capture his daughter's reaction on camera, and as he emerged from the bathroom, he grabbed Dot into his arms, who noticed the change right away and instantly burst into tears.

Mum and Dad took the time to soothe their daughter, but Dot was adamant to let her feelings pour out. From her reaction, it was clear that the little girl had become fond of her father's beard. She was inconsolable, and she continued to sob in her mom's arms as if not understanding why dad had shaved his beards. On some level in her own adorable way, she may have even felt betrayed that her father would do such a thing. 

Her father walked away for some time to allow little Dot and her mom some space. A few minutes later, he came back with a scarf covering his lower face to hide his shaved chin. When he unveiled shaved beard, Dot was less upset as she had now become used to his fathers' new appearance.

Change may be hard to comprehend for toddlers and infants, but they also get used to it much quicker. It is possible that Dot becomes used to her dad's new face soon enough without much trouble! 

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