Toddler-Father Duo Singing 'Girls Like You': Same Song, One Year Apart

A year ago, the online world fell in love with a father-daughter duo who took the internet by storm with their lip-synching performance of Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You”. Fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, the dad held his tiny daughter close with her body fully covered by a pink towel.

The little girl beamed with excitement, happy to be the star of the show – even if it was from the bathroom in her own home. Well, just when you thought that the show was over, the duo is back and at it again!

A year later, and much more grown-up, the little girl is once again singing with daddy in the bathroom, lip-synching like never before. This time, dad and daughter are both fully dressed, but they still wear the same happy smiles.

Dad explains on his Instagram post that the second video was made to commemorate the anniversary of the first.

To celebrate the one-year date, they lip-synched to the same song. Even though it was the same song, it still attracted plenty of attention!

Fans were quick to jump to the comment section and leave their excitement about the video clip. Some Instagram fans pointed out how big she has gotten, while others joked that they missed dad’s towel. One commenter feigned disappointment only to explain that they would have another video to watch a thousand times.

Understandably, this video is quickly becoming a viral hit. There is nothing much cuter than a little girl spending time with her dad, and the internet loves to enjoy a child who is so infectiously cute! At one point we even get a quick image of mom who is happily filming the performance from her phone. It looks like everyone in the family gets in on this act!

The little girl hasn’t lost her skill at all, singing right along and never missing a word to the popular song. Obviously, this has become one of her favorites.

Do you like the first video or do you prefer the most recent one? Watch the videos for yourself and then let us know what you think!