Toddler Crashes Mom’s Once In A Lifetime Audition, Steals The Show And Has The Crowd Roaring With Cheers

We all think very highly of our children. If you don't already have kids of your own, rest assured that you will think the world of your future children whenever you have them. 

However, kids haven't had much time to learn right from wrong in their short lives. As such, they often make mistakes. In some cases, these mistakes spill over onto the appearance of their parents and guardians.

That's exactly what happened to a young woman who had her chance at a tryout on the 15th season of So You Think You Can Dance.

For this particular young mother, her dreams of becoming a world-renowned dancer were crashed by none other than her own daughter. You'll never guess what the panelists on the show said about her!

Here's How It All Went Down

Just recently on So You Think You Can Dance, the tail end of this young, dancing mother's routine was interrupted by her sweet, precious, two-year-old daughter.

 At the end of her routine, the two-year-old girl came bolting out onto the stage in her bright pink dress, potentially putting her mother in a situation in which she could look bad and lose her chance at making it big as an entertainer. 

The mother picked the girl up once she realized she ran out on stage and approached the center stage to hear the three judges critique her performance.

Believe it or not, they were all happy to see that the girl wanted to dance just like her mother! While the young mother was talking to the three famous judges on the popular Fox television show, the two-year-old girl whispered something in her ear.

 The mother turned right around and told the three panelists that her two-year-old, pink-dress-sporting daughter said that she wanted her turn to dance, too! The three panelists on So You Think You Can Dance all laughed, seemingly pleased with how cute she was.

What a lucky mother! Have you ever been in a situation where your child changed all your plans and said or did something in public? We would love to hear your story, so make sure you let us know and pass this cute story on to your friends and loved ones.