Toddler Becomes Emotional As He Watches Clip Of Parents' Marriage Ceremony

Jun 10, 2021 by apost team

Children often get emotional over small things that may not seem to warrant such a reaction from a parent’s perspective. But sometimes, little kids are able to pick up on subtle emotions and really understand when something meaningful is happening. In one such situation, a toddler is overcome with emotion while watching his parents’ wedding video.

We can’t seem to trace the origin of the video, but it is from May 2021 and is so precious that you don’t need many details to appreciate how sweet it is. The sight of the little boy’s chin quivering as his eyes fill up with tears will touch your heart. He doesn’t say much, but his face is overcome with emotion, so you can tell that he has at least some idea of what is going on. 

The toddler is in his pajamas, snuggled up close to his father as he watches the wedding video on a cell phone. His dad holds the boy tight as he tearfully witnesses the celebration of his parents’ love. The little guy looks like he could start sobbing at any moment but holds it back as he takes in the moving display.

The background music of the wedding video is deeply emotional as well, with its touching and romantic lyrics. However, it seems that this toddler would be too young to understand the meaning behind such words. Perhaps he can feel the song on an emotional level. Mixed with the likely tear-stricken bride and groom, anybody else likely would have had the same reaction! This young boy is already in touch with his sensitive side, and that is a beautiful thing. 

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The song that is playing in the background of the wedding video is a cover version of Bryan Adams’ hit song “Heaven.” Adams is a Canadian singer, composer, guitarist and philanthropist. His song “Heaven” was recorded in 1983 and was later released on Adams’ 1984 album “Reckless.” The popular love song was Adams’ first single to reach the top 10 on the Billboard charts. It was also certified gold in Canada.

The lyrics of the chorus are: “Baby you're all that I want, when you're lyin' here in my arms. I'm findin' it hard to believe we're in heaven. And love is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart. Isn't too hard to see we're in heaven.” The words to the song are extremely touching, and even if the toddler from the video didn’t fully understand the meaning, it makes sense that he would still react so strongly to the sentiment.

In fact, most infants and toddlers are captivated by music, whether it is emotional or upbeat and happy. According to the BBC radio program “The Listening Service,” a person’s relationship with music begins well before they are born. Dr. Laurel Trainor, an expert on musical development in children and adults, told the radio show that babies can start to hear the outside world from the sixth month of pregnancy. 

Trainor elaborates on how infants and children react to music early on.

“From their earliest days, infants are trying to engage actively in music. As soon as they can start making responses, they do. Certainly towards the end of the first year, you can see overt signs that they are trying to engage in the music by singing along, clapping, and moving their bodies."

Trainor also explained how children that were exposed to music at an early age are more likely to have deeper emotional connections to those around them. “They’re socially more advanced, easier to soothe, and smile more than children (who are) just exposed to passive music listening,” she said on the radio show. The wide breadth of emotion she is talking about is similar to what we can see from the toddler watching the wedding video.

But why did he cry from something that he may not have fully understood? Very Well Family says that at any age, crying is a normal emotional response to anyone experiencing strong feelings, whether they are happy or sad. However, some children do cry more than others, and those same children may also be overly excited or quick to anger as well. It's not necessarily that they are experiencing an abundance of sadness, rather an abundance of feelings.

Very Well Family makes it clear that experiencing feelings more strongly than others is sometimes just part of who someone is. So it would not be too much of a stretch to suggest the toddler from the video is just a sensitive soul, and he will likely be overcome with an array of emotions as he gets older as well. 

One way to help children who are more sensitive to emotions is to teach them about their different feelings and show them ways to cope when they are overwhelmed. This way, they are more able to regulate their feelings and are less prone to outbursts. The father in the video is doing a great job of literally supporting his son by holding him in his arms while he watches the emotional video.

What was your reaction to this touching video? Do you become emotional during happy moments as well as sad? Let us know your thoughts on this, and be sure to send this on to the sensitive souls in your life!

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