Toddler Adorably Helps German Shepherd Get Over Its Fear Of Sprinkler

Jul 29, 2020

Dogs are indeed a human's best friend. No other animal on the planet can display such loyalty to their masters. Dogs can even give their lives to save their master. Nothing is more proof of this undying loyalty than the attempt by this German shepherd to take on water and protect his toddler friend.

In this hilarious clip posted on April 21st, 2018, the dog decided to intervene because he thought the sprinkler on full blast posed a danger to his little human buddy.

The video clip shows the baby playing around with a water sprinkler on full blast. The nearby dog sizes up the situation and concludes that the situation was not safe for his little human friend. The German shepherd resolves that the stream of high-pressure water might injure the toddler and instinctively nudges the toddler aside giving room for a calculated attack.

He leaps forward and snaps at the evil water gushing from the sprinkler. He bites at the water several times and jumps back whenever the pressure overpowers him. The little toddler friend of his, however, finds it amusing.

The dog does not want to admit defeat. He must live up to his breed's reputation. Therefore, he backs up now and again before proceeding with the series of attacks. He does not tire from snapping at the streams of water from the sprinkler. This German shepherd, like many others of his breed, is a fighter. These dogs are known for their courage and agility.

German shepherds are noble dogs that easily complete the family set-up. They are always ready to take on guard duty besides providing a never-ending love for their humans. They are also smart; however, sometimes, their actions are more comical than brave. Their demeanor can be intimidating, but once you get them to like you, the friendship lasts forever.

This boy is not backing down. He runs away for a little distance, maybe to massage his ego or gather his strength back, but finally returns. When he returns, it is with a force that helps him deliver a few blows. His only objective is to avenge his little toddler friend.

This breed excels in almost every aspect of the training they receive. It is no wonder they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They possess a black and brown coat that easily stands out, a handsome face, and a muscular stance. You can easily mistake a well-bred German shepherd for a missile ready to fire.

The sweet thing about the whole ordeal is how the protective instincts kicked in as soon as the dog assumed danger. He thinks the child is in grave danger, so he pushes him out of the way. The parents of the child might be laughing at the comical nature of the entire process until they realize that their diligent companion is doing his job.

The dog should be getting compliments and treats soon enough. The dog did an excellent job of protecting a toddler from two evil sprinklers while giving everyone a good laugh.

Where else will you get 5-star guaranteed protection from a loving companion while at the same time enjoying a good laugh? The dog owners are happy about their choice of pet and congratulate each other with a pat on the back. The dog should be receiving a few more treats for a job well done. Let your family and friends know about this wonderful German shepherd and let us know what everyone thinks.