To My Child, If I Ever Forget How Lucky I Am

In the night’s quiet and calm, it happens to me. I enter your bedroom to look in on you one final time before retiring for the evening. I lovingly kiss your smooth cheek after I have gently tidied your tousled hair and unwound the blanket that you have weaved around your legs

That is the exact moment I am overcome by the impactful reminder that always manages to take my breath away. I am so lucky. My life’s path could have taken me down a multitude of avenues. It was my destiny to be your mom. I revel in your perfection while feeling powerful waves of thankfulness and love.

At times, I forget. I forget in the morning. When a new day comes too soon, and the sound of your small feet pounding the hallway floor wakes me before you excitedly emerge into my bedroom, I forget.

I greet you with a smile, but my thoughts immediately travel to the day’s tasks at hand. Then you usher me back into the moment when you lay your head on my chest to share a few tranquil minutes. It is then that I remember. I am so lucky to have you as a pivotal part of every day.

At times during breakfast, I forget. You fidget in your seat while you detail a story that is one part playground reporting and one part cartoon plot.

I often fail to fully listen while assembling lunches and unearthing misplaced necessities. Then you stop me in my tracks by asking for feedback, hoping your story has amused me. Your eyes shine bright while you grin your signature toothless grin. It is then that I remember. I am so lucky to be the recipient of your colorful narratives.

At times I forget when we are outdoors. The front yard is your playing field as you frolic around, and I am preoccupied with upcoming errands, phone calls to return and bills to pay.

Then you capture the sum of my attention when you suggest we role-play parts of your favorite princess movie, and I am reminded how lucky I am to be privy to your magnificent imagination.

At times I forget at bedtime. Once you are safely tucked in, I anticipate delighting in precious moments of peace and quiet. Then you make a teary declaration about a low point of your day at school. It is then I remember that I am so fortunate to be your confidant.

At times I forget in the wee hours of the night. I have finally found sleep, my body feeling the day’s fatigue, and I am suddenly startled by a cry stemming from your room after a bad dream has frightened you. I stumble down the hallway feeling unease. I know this is the preface to a long night and a difficult morning. Then you request I stay with you, and I am reminded that I am so fortunate to be the person who makes you feel safe.

Feeling fortunate is not difficult to remember. I vividly recall pretending to be a mommy when I was a young girl. I hoped that eventually my dolls would be my real babies.

Falling in love with Daddy is something I so clearly recollect. I knew I wanted him to be your dad before you were born. I remember learning I had you in my tummy. I shed tears because I was so overcome with joy.

Most importantly, I recall how fantastic I felt when my midwife set you on my chest for the first time. You were perfect. When my life becomes hectic, I might become sidetracked. However, I will always remember how tremendously lucky I am to be your mom.

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