Tiny Rescue Kitten Just 3 Weeks Old Cuddles Up As Close To His Owner As Possible

Sep 21, 2020 by apost team

Animal videos are some of the most positive things existing on the internet, and one recent video uploaded to Reddit by a user named BoarderGod proves this. In the video, a tiny three-week-old kitten who had just been adopted from a shelter crawls on its owner's shoulders and goes into the hood of his hoodie. It's too cute for words!

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Initially posted to the aww subreddit and then reposted to the aptly named Men Smitten With Kittens subreddit by Reddit user BoarderGod, the short video shows a grey and white kitten climbing on the shoulder of its owner, who looks absolutely smitten with his feline friend. The user captioned the video:

"Our 3 week old rescue likes to nuzzle extra close and I couldn't be happier"

What an adorable scene! After the kitten scampers up its owner's neck, it appears to hug him and then turns around to face out of his hood, before settling in on his shoulder. What animal owner wouldn't be the happiest if that were them!


Fellow Reddit users were completely enamored by the little kitten, giving the clip over 80,000 upvotes. One user wrote:

"The little smile on this man knowing he is the chosen one."

He isn't wrong! The kitten's owner looks incredibly happy, just as we all would if we were deemed the chosen one by our own pets. 

Another wrote: "Dude, thank you. This made my night," while another said: "Adorable, kitten love is the best." Someone else added:

"I have never been this envious. You two are very cute."

All animal lovers know that there is usually a favorite human in the household, so this video showing the pure joy and happiness on the man's face is priceless

Meanwhile, it's been an eventful few weeks of animal videos on Reddit. On September 18, a video of an adorable kitten at a shelter was uploaded, which shows the cat meowing as it holds onto the bars from inside its enclosure. Its tiny little paws are too cute for words, and they're also wet from trying to scramble up the cage but accidentally stepping into its water bowl. Its little head peeps out through the bars while its big eyes are too cute to resist. So hard to resist in fact, that the person who took the video had come to pick up a dog and ended up leaving with the kitten as well!

It's always positive to hear about happy endings for animals in shelters since not all animals who end up there have such happy outcomes, or at least not for some time. 

If you're a pet owner, does your animal have a favorite human it likes to snuggle up to? We'd love to hear about it in the comments. Then be sure to pass this adorable video on to those you know!

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