Tiny Owl Is Adopted By Large Dog And Their Connection Is Undeniable

Sep 14, 2020 by apost team

The animal world is full of strange partnerships. The largest giraffes sometimes use their spindly legs to protect small mammals from lions. Cats and dogs become fast friends. And one tiny owl and a big dog are an unlikely match made in heaven. Ingo the Belgian Shephard and Poldi the Owlet are finding fame thanks to these incredible photographs that show their heartwarming friendship. 

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Ingo is a Belgian Shepherd. Poldi is an owlet. The two friends spend a lot of time together. Tanja Brandt is a photographer from Germany who takes pictures of Ingo and Poldi. Belgian Shepherds, like other dogs in the herding family of dog breeds, have natural protective instincts. They’ve been bred to be highly alert to their environment. Belgian Shepherds are extremely loyal and form tight relationship bonds. All of these traits are on display in the relationship Ingo has with Poldi.


Ingo comes from a family of police dogs. Police dogs have a tough reputation, but they’re also compassionate and fun-loving. In Tanja’s pictures, it sometimes looks like Ingo is whispering secrets to Poldi.

Poldi is short for “Napoleon.” The name fits this sweet little owl. Poldi needs a lot of protection and care because he hatched later than his owl siblings. Ingo is perfectly suited for the job. You can see how safe Poldi feels around his larger friend.

Poldi often snuggles up to Ingo while he dozes nearby. In one funny picture, Ingo wears glasses and “reads” a dictionary to Poldi. Tanja takes a lot of other animal pictures, but Ingo and Poldi are two of her biggest stars. They’re just too cute.

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