Tiny Newborn Goes To Church And Is Touched By The Hymns Before Joining In With A Passion

Aug 09, 2020 by apost team

A video captured the moment when a baby started singing in church while being carried by his mom after listening to the hymns playing.

There are few things that can warm your heart as deeply as seeing and hearing the pure delight of an infant. Religion and spiritual faith are not usually associated with infants. In fact, their joy may stem from far more simple things, such as spotting a puppy or a fire truck.

Filled with Joy

Babies do not need to speak coherent words and sentences in order to show what they are feeling. When one mother took her infant to church, everyone around them quickly saw that the baby was more than happy to be in church.

As his mother started singing her praises with her angelic voice, the baby was overcome with emotion by the sounds of the hymn as well. His happy face took on a new look when he also started singing in his own way.


Like his Mama

This sweet baby did not understand the words in the hymn, but he was clearly touched by the raw emotion in his mother’s voice as she sang. Nobody can know for sure if he felt the power of the Holy Spirit as well or if he was simply copying his mother while she sang in church.

However, the look of wonder, love, and total joy on his face may lead you to believe that the first option is most likely.

Someone captured this powerful moment on video, and it shows the baby belting out his wordless sounds with a clear smile on his face. They say the eyes are the window to a person's soul, and his eyes showed that he was enthralled by the power of the moment.

Have you had any deep, spiritual moments yourself? Have you been fortunate enough to witness this type of moment with someone else?

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