Tiny-Home-On-Wheels With Natural Skylights And Spacious Patio Cost Couple Only $90,000 To Construct

Jan 21, 2022 by apost team

There are many reasons you may not want to rent or buy a traditional home in today’s market. Saving money on bills and potentially living off the grid are also tempting advantages to living in a smaller space. Many people have been building their own tiny homes, and one couple designed and built something truly special. Lisa Tranter and Matt Hobbs own land in the Blue Mountains, Australia, and built their home with wheels in case they ever decide to move. 

The most incredible thing about the house is that it only cost $90,000 and took three months to complete. The home has a kitchen with full-size appliances, a bathroom with a shower, a king-size bed, and even a living room space with a couch and a big-screen TV. There are storage areas hidden all over the tiny property, and outside on their spacious deck, there is plenty of room to entertain guests.

One of the highlights of the home is the immense amount of natural light from big windows and skylights. This really opens up the space and makes it feel less cramped inside. A benefit to living in a small home is that cleaning never takes longer than half an hour to finish the entire house. As pet owners, this is certainly a blessing for Tranter and Hobbs. 

Saving money and downsizing their belongings was a huge priority for the couple. They spend only $2,000 a year on electricity and are planning to rely solely on solar power and their own water tanks in the future. Keep reading to learn more about this gorgeous and functional tiny home.

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Being able to save money every month on water and electricity has made a big difference in the couple’s lives. Tranter shared, “The bills are tiny. The power with the air conditioning running virtually all the time over summer was about $300 per quarter. The four-bedroom house we were in before was about $800 per quarter, with solar already installed so it’s a huge saving now.”

Tranter added:

“Water is about $140. We wanted to see how much we consumed before going off-grid, so we could accurately work out how many solar panels or water tanks to put in.”

Even though they live in a tiny house, the couple didn’t want to compromise on a few things. They said, “We wanted a full-sized kitchen with full-sized appliances, so we built the kitchen around those. The bathroom is a space we often use together so we made it large enough that we can both be in there without getting in each other’s way.”

Building the home themselves ended up saving the couple a significant amount of money in the end. “The build roughly took three months, and at a rough estimate, we would put the cost at around $90,000,” the couple explained. “However, we did a lot of the work ourselves as well as calling in heaps of favours from tradie friends and family.”

Tranter offered some advice for others looking to transition to a small space. She suggested, “Decide what it is you actually need to live with – often it’s less than what you already have. Start to practice some aspects of minimalism, downsize things, throw or give away stuff you haven’t used in ages, and avoid buying more things.”


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