Tiny Gymnast Takes Floor With Routine No One Expects And Blows The Crowds Minds

Sep 12, 2018 by apost team

Gymnastics are an incredible feat of strength, flexibility and endurance. Professional gymnasts spend years training to perform the intricate routines, twists and bends that leave us all stunned. But one little girl showed a natural talent that left the audience at her recital in shock.

Uliana Travkina is just a child, but she's already an accomplished athlete whose flexibility rivals expert contortionists and Olympic gymnasts alike. When someone decided to record her awe-inspiring act and uploaded it online, millions around the globe were blown away by her abilities. Thought.co guest writer Amy Van Deusen is a gymnastics coach and veteran to the sport. There's no denying that parents who want their children to reach a professional level of athletic performance should enroll them in lessons when they're young. Although there are many gymnastics classes available for children as young as two or three, Van Deusen recommends waiting until your child is at least five before starting lessons.


Before age five, Van Deusen recommends teaching your child the basics while having fun. You can help your little one master basic skills like somersaults and cartwheels while learning to walk on a low balance beam; these primary gymnastics skills will prepare them for intermediate maneuvers when they're older and ready for proper classes and coaching.

Cultivating a love for the sport at an early age is crucial if you want your child to succeed. After all, performing should give them a sense of accomplishment and feel exciting! You don't want your child to become overwhelmed with too much at an early age, so make sure you keep your child active through activities they'll enjoy like dance, ballet, soccer and so on. These activities can also help build the hand-eye coordination necessary to do well in gymnastics.

While it's uncertain when Uliana began training, there's no doubt after watching her perform that she's a natural. The way she rotates her legs and bends so easily makes her look more like a puppet than a person.

Check out her marveling act for yourself in the video below, and let us know in the comments what sports you enjoyed as a child.