Tiny Foal Goes Bananas In The Ring At Horse Show — Steals Spotlight

Aug 09, 2020 by apost team

A Haflinger foal named Blitz at 21 days old Haflinger foal showed how excited he was to be at the 2010 Pennsylvania Horse World Expo during the Parade of Breeds.

Have you ever had a show upstage by a little kid? Well, something similar happened at a big horse show when a little foal decided to take over the presentation.

A Little Foal Doing His Own Thing

The incident took place at that Horse World Expo back in 2010. The little foal known as Blitz decided that he didn't want to sit idly by as the grown horses get all the attention.

According to the video description, the incident took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where the Expo was in the middle of an educational segment known as the Parade of Breeds.


According to the requirements of the expo, anyone could bring a horse to the presentation as long as the horse was well behaved. Well, Blitz did not get the message. This little foal decided that he was going to have his own little one-person show right there in the middle of the expo.

The little troublemaker is a 21-day old foal that couldn't wait to grab the spotlight. To make things more, well, awkward Blitz's mom was in the ring. However, the mom was well behaved as the daughter decided that she was going to go berserk all over the ring.

The foal really starts going off on his own little show about 19 seconds into the video has he pretty much commanded everyone's attention. Things got even more awkward when Blitz decided to jump on mom. Mom, however, remained well restrained throughout the video.

Some people in attendance thought that the little foal might have been jumping around because the young horse was scared or frightened. No. It turns out that the little foal just wanted to have fun and well, didn't really know how to behave in such a situation.

A Lasting Viral Video

While the video is over 10 years old, it continues to gain lots of attention. That's because it's always fun to see a little child or an animal upstage a perfectly set up event.

Have you ever seen a foal more excited than Blitz? What do you think was going through his head during the parade? Tell us your hilarious interpretations in the comments and be sure to pass this along to all the horse lovers in your life.