Tiny Baby Blows Up Internet Adorably Attempting To Sing Along With Karen Carpenter Song

Feb 19, 2021 by apost team

Babies are a delight for many reasons: their cuteness coupled with their innocence can melt even the hardest of hearts. As they become accustomed to the new world around them, babies begin to explore everything around them with so much joy that we can't help but want to join them. One of the best gifts humanity has is music, and babies enjoy beautiful music as much as adults do. Music has shown to be a healing medium in many ways, along with being a stress buster, improving cognition, and reducing anxiety among other important benefits. While some music is esoteric and only liked by a certain group of people, other types of music have a worldwide following. Music by the Carpenters was an example of the kind of music that appeals to a large audience. 

Most people who have been fans of this distinguished duo have a favorite song, and one four-month-old baby named Adler surprisingly proved that he is a big fan of the singing group despite being so little! A video from 2014 of the tiny baby trying to sing along with a Carpenters' tune is so adorable that it’s easy to understand why it took the internet by storm. Though little Adler cannot yet speak, he can understand the emotions behind the song and wants to do his best to sing along as well. Of course, the highly talented woman who is singing the song for him also gets some credit! Her singing is so beautiful that little Adler wants to join in on the fun!

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The description section of the video says that baby Adler was brought over by a friend. He is sitting in his car seat, strapped into place at the kitchen table when one of his mom’s friends decided that it was time to introduce him to a nostalgic and famous Carpenters song. The talented woman then leans over him and begins to sing, "I Need To Be In Love." It seems as though this song isn't just a hit among the baby population; According to Songfacts.com, it was also Karen Carpenter’s favorite of all the Carptenters' songs! If one listens to the lyrics, the song's sentiments can be understood by a large number of people, which is where its appeal lies. 

Initially, Adler is so captivated by her voice and the song itself that he seems mesmerized. His adorable reaction caused someone to start recording a video, and we’re so glad that they did! The recorder, John Cooksey also says in the description that he was over at the house to learn some chords when this beautiful moment was captured. The woman who is singing and unnamed has a strong and beautiful voice that does justice to the song, and as her voice trembles in the air with the song's words, little Adler seems so happy. As the song progresses, Adler’s adorable smile grows wider and he seems unable to handle just listening any longer. The precious child opens his mouth and starts trying to sing along, making little whining noises right along with the woman as well. 


Staring into his mom’s friend’s face, Adler continues to beam, obviously enjoying not only the song itself but also the opportunity to sing along with his mom's friend. After catching the precious video of Adler singing, the man who recorded it knew that he just had to share it with the world! He quickly uploaded it to YouTube along with a thank you to Adler’s mom, Lisa, for bringing Adler over to visit and giving them the chance to see such a precious performance. Since the video was posted online, it has been watched over 6 million times! We think that this is totally deserved, don't you? Adler's face, as he enjoys the melodious singing, is too precious, and we hope that he continues to enjoy the Carpenter's music even today! In fact, John Cooksey listened to many of the commenters and created a video to give an update about how Adler is doing today! 

In a video uploaded in July 2019, we see a much more grown-up Adler back in the home of the woman who was seen singing in the original video. The unnamed woman, this time armed with a guitar and singing just as beautifully as she had done five years earlier, is singing the hit song "You Are My Sunshine," which was popularized by singers Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell before being absorbed into mainstream music and being covered by famous artists such as Nat King Cole, Johnny Cash, and Doris Day. She also sings snippets of other songs as well, all of which are executed beautifully. 

Viewers can also see that Adler is joined by his mother as well as his little sister this time! The now-grown-up Adler has a head full of blond curls, just like his little sister who seems to also be enjoying the beautiful music. We also see Adler's mom, Lisa, join her two little ones to enjoy her friends' company as well as the singing. While Adler is no longer interested in singing along, he does seem to enjoy being there with his mother and sister. As Cooksey writes in the description section of the video, "You can see he is very shy but enjoyed the music and surroundings." Maybe the age has an impact on how Adler is reacting to the music, but we are glad he still has the opportunity to listen to the woman who had moved him so deeply when he was a baby. It is also nice to see that everyone is still friends five years down the line to get together again. Cooksey adds that while they ran into Adler and his family in town, they didn't really have a chance to have them over until July 2019. 

While the original video has had millions of views, the newer one has much fewer views at around 259,000 at the time of this being written. Even though more people seem to like seeing baby Adler singing, we are happy to see that 5-year-old Adler continues to enjoy great music. He certainly continues to make our day every time we watch him as a baby trying to sing along! 

Watch the video for yourself so that you can see Adler’s adorable expression and his sweet attempts at trying to sing along. What do you think of this baby and his performance? Let us hear what you think, and be sure to pass this heartwarming video on to friends and family members.

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