Tina Turner’s ‘One True Marriage’ To Second Husband Erwin Bach Left Her ‘Loving Life Every Day’

May 25, 2023 by apost team

Tina Turner is one of our generation's most recognized and celebrated music artists. Although she sadly passed away on May 24, 2023, we are sure that her five-decades-long, highly successful career and legacy will be remembered for years to come. Though she had a prodigious musical career, she also had to battle a lot of hardships and difficulties in her life, and the path to happiness had not always been easy. 

Turner waded through ups and downs in her personal life but found a peace with her final husband, Erwin Bach, whom she moved to Switzerland to live with. The pair had been together for more than two decades before they finally tied the knot in 2013. At the time, Turner was 73 and Bach was 57. Their age difference did nothing to deter them from having a blissful relationship and together, they faced the joys and grief of life hand in hand and seemed very much in love until her final days. 

While Turner was a celebrity in her own right, Bach was also a highly successful man. The two first met in 1985 at an airport, which Turner had described as a "simple meeting," according to Closer Weekly.

They did not begin dating right away and remained in a platonic relationship for more than a year. Turner was especially hesitant to give love another chance after everything she had been through, but she had said she was glad she "listened to her heart" and gave Bach a chance. They got together in 1986 and were never separated after. It goes to show that you are never too old to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with! 

Tina Turner (1964), (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Tina was born on Nov. 26, 1939, in Brownsville, Tennessee. She grew up as the youngest daughter in her family with two older sisters, Evelyn Juanita Currie and Ruby Alline Bullock – the latter was a songwriter. Tina grew up in a tumultuous household but was fortunate enough to find a love for music at an early age. However, she was not able to pursue it until around the time she was graduating from high school in the late 1950s.

During her childhood, Tina moved around quite a bit from home to home. She lived with her grandparents for some time before moving yet again. After her parents divorced and her father moved to a different state, Tina moved again. Sadly, the hopeful singer didn’t have much stability growing up, and it seems like some of this stayed with her in later years when she entered her relationship with her first husband. Although the relationship didn’t work for many serious reasons, the music they produced together was magical.

Once Tina teamed up with her first husband, Ike Turner, it was evident that she was going to go far in the music industry. The pair released several hits during their time together, including “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine,” “River Deep – Mountain High,” “Proud Mary” and “Nutbush City Limits.”

And even though Ike and Tina didn’t work out, Tina still proved that she had what it took to be a longtime star. She had an outstanding comeback during the 1980s with yet even more hits and chart-topping songs. 


Tina Turner (1985), (Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)

On top of her musical prowess, Tina also proved that her talents went well beyond music, as the star acted in a handful of films, including “Tommy,” “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” and “Last Action Hero.” She also released the biopic “What’s Love Got to Do With,” adapted from the content of her autobiography “I, Tina: My Life Story.” Her life was also used as the inspiration for the jukebox musical “Tina” in 2018.

It’s not surprising that Tina would go on to become one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, having received a long list of awards and accolades over her impressive career. She received several Grammy Awards, including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. She also was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice – once as a duet partner with Ike in 1991 and again in 2021 as a solo artist.

The latter was a monumental occasion, celebrated by plenty of greats as well as some up-and-comers in the music industry. Country music artist Keith Urban and R&B singer H.E.R. teamed up for a performance of “It’s Only Love,” while rising country music star Mickey Guyton performed “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” Vocal powerhouse and overall legend Christina Aguilera performed one of Tina’s most well-known songs, “River Deep – Mountain High.”

Tina continued to be honored by many of her peers and recognized as a true legend by fans and critics alike. But while Tina had certainly conquered the entertainment industry, she struggled to find a love that was healthy and enduring – until she met her second husband, Bach.

Tina Turner (1997), (Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

While Ike and Tina had enjoyed great success with their music, their relationship took a dark turn at home, as Ike abused his wife physically. 

"It was a thoroughly unhappy situation I was in, but I was too far gone. I was trapped into really caring about Ike," Tina explained. "If I left him, what was he going to do? Go back to St. Louis? I didn't want to let him down. As horrible as he treated me, I still felt responsible for letting him down. That was a mental problem I had at the time. And I was afraid to leave.”

After 16 years in her abusive marriage, and taking no money with her or even having a plan, Tina finally found the courage to leave Ike in 1976. She struggled to find her feet at first but soon staged a successful comeback in the '80s.

Then in 1985, when Tina and Bach first met, she certainly took notice. As per Closer Weekly, she wrote in her 2020 book "Happiness Becomes You" that she "instantly felt an emotional connection” when he sent by her recording company to greet her at an airport in Germany. She also added, "I should have been too tired from my flight, too preoccupied with thoughts of my concert tour and in too much of a hurry to get to my hotel to pay much attention to the young music executive who came from my record company to welcome me. But I did notice him."

Bach is a German music producer and executive who has made a successful dent in the music industry. Even though Tina said she felt a connection with Bach, she was hesitant to pursue love again after her difficult romantic experience with her previous husband Ike.

However, Tina said love blossomed between her and Erwin as he was not "intimidated" by her. “(He) is a force of nature in his own right,” she wrote in her book. “He shows me that true love doesn’t require the dimming of my light so that he can shine.”

Tina Turner (2018), (Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images)

After having gone through so much hardship following her painful and messy divorce, Tina finally found her voice and stardom. It would be natural to want to stay away from a romantic relationship after such a traumatic experience, but taking a chance with Bach ended up being the best thing for her. “Falling in love with my husband, Erwin, was another exercise in leaving my comfort zone, of being open to the unexpected gifts that life has to offer,” she shared.

“That simple first meeting led to a long, beautiful relationship — and my one true marriage.”

Speaking about marriage on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2006, Tina said on television she had no plans of marrying at the time. "People often ask me why don’t I marry," she said according to The Daily Mail. "I have love. I have a good life. I don’t need to interfere with that. For some people, marriage means 'You’re mine now.' That can be the beginning of the failure of a relationship." 

She also added, "Neither Erwin nor I feel the need to get married. We’ve been together for 18 years. What would marriage give me that I don’t already have? Marriage would be about pleasing the public. Why do I need to please the public if I’m already pleased?" 

Bach and Tina eventually headed down the aisle in 2013 in a beautiful ceremony by Lake Zurich. After this, they also had a Buddhist ceremony at their home in Zurich. The event was attended by celebrities like David Bowie, Oprah Winfrey, and Sade among others. Daily Mail reported that, as per the Swiss weekly newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag, Tina asked all her guests to wear white to the ceremony and that Tina wore a beautiful gown designed by the famed Giorgio Armani

Tina Turner (2019), (Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

The pair also reportedly sent out notices to their neighbors apologizing in advance for any noise they may cause. Tina once wrote of her husband, "We are the light of each other’s lives, and we want to shine as bright as we can, together.” Despite all the joy and jubilation that surrounded the wedding, Tina faced many difficulties soon after. 

Three weeks following their wedding, she suffered a stroke, which forced her to learn to walk again. 

"In the hospital, I didn't believe that I couldn't walk," the singer recounted to Oprah in 2018. "Then I stepped out of bed and flopped to the floor and said, 'Oh my God, what have I done?' But I wasn't depressed — I was just determined to fix it." 

Then, as Tina was still undergoing rigorous physiotherapy and retraining herself to walk, came another tragedy. In 2016, she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, with doctors telling her both her kidneys were failing. Distressing as the news might have been, Tina told Oprah she was at peace with her fate and felt she had lived a long enough life.

She was not keen on going on "being on a machine" for the rest of her years, but her husband was not having any of it. "Erwin chimed in, very emotional, and said, 'I don't want another partner,'" Tina shared. "He was 150% ready to give me his kidney." This is such a beautiful sentiment and shows the true power of the love shared between Tina and Bach. Tina underwent a successful transplant in 2017 and continued to live a very happy life with her husband in Zurich for years after. 

Tina Turner, Erwin Bach (2015), (Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

"I’m happy to say that, thanks to my beloved husband, Erwin, giving me one of his kidneys, the gift of life, I’m in good health and loving life every day,” she wrote in her memoir as per Closer Weekly. “I’m also thankful that I’ve not only survived, but thrived, so that I can pass on to you this book containing precious gifts that were given to me — the greatest gifts I can offer."

She remains grateful for her life, which has been beautiful despite being punctuated with bouts of tragedy and difficulty. 

"My life over the past 10 years has been my ideal version of happiness," Tina said in an interview with the Guardian in December 2020. "That may come as a surprise to some, since I had serious health challenges. But real joy doesn't mean having a problem-free life. True and lasting happiness comes from having an unshakeable, hopeful spirit that can shine, no matter what. That's what I've achieved, and it is my greatest wish to help others become truly happy as well."

In her 2018 memoir “My Love Story,” Tina recounted how even she was surprised by her enduring relationship with Bach.

“Incredibly, considering how long we had been together, there were still people who wanted to believe that Erwin married me for my money and fame. ... What else would a younger man want with an older woman? Erwin always ignored the rumors," she wrote, according to Daily Mail.

After marrying Bach in 2013, she moved to Switzerland and gained citizenship there to be with her forever love. Although she remained haunted by the abuse she suffered in her past, Bach remained by her side, long after she released her last album at the age of 59 in 1999 and gave her final performance in 2009. 

Tina Turner, Erwin Bach (2015), (Venturelli/Getty Images/Giorgio Armani)

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