Tina Turner Says She Fell In Love With Husband In Spite Of 16-Year Age Gap, Denied Initial Proposal

May 15, 2019 by apost team

Ike and Tina Turner’s marriage ended explosively with a huge fight in 1976 after they were married for 14 years. Throughout her book "My Love Story", she spoke of the horrific details of her marriage.

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In the book, she describes the controlling nature and violent abuse she suffered throughout the years. After Tina separated from Ike she fled to Los Angeles. Soon after, she released her very first solo album, "Private Dancer".

It was an extreme success. It allowed her to be known as the superstar who was strong on her own without Ike.


However, there was something missing in her life. She opened up to Oprah and stated she really needed to love someone. Her wish was granted when in 1986, she met Erwin Bach, a German music producer.

The handsome young man walked up to her with a huge smile and open arms. Tina was very nervous. Her heart was pounding and she began sweating.

She immediately knew right there and then that this was, in fact, love at first sight. Erwin loved Tina the way she deserved to be loved. In the Oprah interview, it is clear that Erwin hated to hear of the horrific marriage Tina had with her ex-husband. Still, to this day, he flinches when he reads or hears of her past relationship.

After many years of dating, Erwin wanted to show how much he loved Tina and how committed he was. He asked her to be his wife when she was 50 years old. However, she said no...

Find out more and watch the couple speak with Oprah in the video below.

It's such an amazing story of true love and perserverance. Do you have a Tina Turner fan in your life? Show them this article to get a peek into her love story.