Time To Eat? The Benefits Of Silicon Valley's New Favorite Diet Suggest It's More Than Just A Viral Trend

Jun 08, 2018 by apost team

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and tech geniuses have figured out a guaranteed way to stay trim without obsessing over calorie counting, in a new diet routine called intermittent fasting. Research indicates that this diet, which includes fasting for a significant part of the day and eating only in certain time frames, can have some huge health benefits even outside of weight loss. 

Intermittent fasting is a diet than has gone viral on the internet. This diet is a favorite in Silicon Valley and involves fasting for at least 16 hours of the day. People on this diet can eat nearly whatever they want, as long as they aren't loading up on huge fast food feasts. 


Dieters have found this diet easier to stick to, possibility because its easy on the wallet, it requires no calorie counting or any point systems, and it can be fit into any daily routine no matter how hectic. 

A group of intermittent fasters near Silicon Valley meet weekly to break their fasts together and enjoy a good meal and talk about their unique diet. The group is called WeFast and can provide support to dieters as well as an intermittent fasting community. 

Research has shown that intermittent fasting is beneficial to weight loss and is just as helpful as common diets that involve calorie counting and eating certain foods. However, weight loss isn't the only health benefit. Not by a long shot. 

There have also been studies that shown intermittent fasting can help reduce the risk of cancer as well as increase life span. However, this study was only done in rodents and these health benefits may not directly transfer over to us humans. 

Another study, this one on humans and not rats, showed that following an intermittent fasting diet decreased blood pressure. 

These results are very positive and intermittent fasting enthusiasts hope that new human trials can prove more of the diets health benefits. According to current scientific knowledge, fasting appears to have an effect on how the body responds to sugar. A study involving intermittent fasting and insulin sensitivity showed that the diet may be helpful for those with diabetes. 

While intermittent fasting may seem like an elixir of health and weight loss, it definitely isn't for everyone, such as pregnant or nursing women, women trying to get pregnant, those who are underweight, those who have stress problems, and those who have a history of eating disorder issues. Before starting a diet like this, dieters should consult their doctor to see if it is right for them. 

Intermittent fasting can seem like an extreme measure to take to lose weight and get health, but these dieters swear that it's an easy diet to follow without the typical restrictions of certain foods or meticulous calorie counting of other diets. Like the technology and entrepreneurship the area is known for, Silicon Valley is rolling out some cutting edge weight loss ideas. 

Fitness Fad Or New Classic?

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