Tiger Tries To Nuzzle Expectant Mother Through The Glass At Zoo

Some of us think animals are a tad bit smarter than most people give them credit for. This has been demonstrated by many animals on a number of occasions. The following scenario between a tiger and an expectant mother gives credence to this belief in animal intelligence.

Britany Smith-Osborne took a trip to South Bend, Indiana's Potawatomi Zoo with a few of her friends. One of the friends, Natasha, was six months pregnant when the group of friends visited the zoo. Britany recorded video of an encounter between Natasha and a tiger that shocked those who were present and is likely to change the way animals are viewed.


Natasha was standing next to an enclosure that housed one of the zoo's tigers. Natasha's friends and other bystanders noticed the attention paid to her by the tiger. One of Natasha's friends commented she didn't know whether the situation was amusing or scary.

They theorized the tiger might be aware that Natasha was pregnant. The women decided to find out if this was true, according to news from The Daily Mail.

Natasha stood on a ledge close to the glass enclosure. She pressed her belly against the glass. The group of women knew with certainty at this point Natasha's pregnancy was the target of the tiger's attention. One of the women commented on the tiger: "I don't know whether to laugh or be scared. That is so crazy... I want to pet him.", The Daily Mail reports.

The tiger moved close to the glass and sniffed. Next, the tiger snuggled against the glass in the spot where Natasha's baby bump touched the glass from the other side. It was obvious to the girls the tiger could sense Natasha's pregnancy and was focused on her baby bump. The girls enjoyed the moment before finally walking away from the tiger enclosure.

The video has certainly been making the rounds online, being posted on multiple channels. Speaking for the zoo, a social media commenter spoke on the moment captured between Natasha and the tiger, "this is why the zoo is here, to help us make connections to nature!"

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