Three-Year-Old Saves Senior Neighbor Who Had Been Trapped In The Basement

Hampton, New Hampshire resident Eyas Tran is an energetic three-year-old who enjoys riding his bike and taking walks with his parents. It was on one of these walks this year that the attentive child noticed something out of the ordinary that helped save the life of his elderly neighbor, Peggy.

Eyas And His Friend

Little Eyas loves to bring his friend Peggy her morning newspaper. So when he walked by her house and noticed her newspaper had been delivered, he excitedly ran over to her house take it to her door for her. That's when he noticed that something was amiss; there were already three newspapers piled by the door, as CBS Boston reports. Immediately, he rang the doorbell and there was no answer. Alarmed, Eyas told his parents what he had noticed. His parents decided to look into the garage and noticed that Peggy's vehicle was still there. Knowing that she had not left the house, they too became worried and called the police to perform a welfare check on their beloved neighbor.

What Happened To Peggy?

When police arrived, they discovered that Peggy was home and had, in fact, been trapped in her basement for three days. Not having access to food or water for several days can lead to dehydration, low blood sugar, and a number of other medical issues, especially for older people. Most elderly also have underlying health conditions, meaning that they must take their medications as prescribed. If they can't take medications, hours can make the difference between life and death in the aging population.

Eyas Comes To The Rescue

Fortunately for Peggy, little Eyas was alert enough to notice something was off. Police said that it had been a simple accident. Peggy had simply walked down into her basement and when the door closed behind her, and it locked. This simple mistake could have ended in tragedy had it not been for Eyas and his concerned parents. Peggy was taken to the hospital for observation but was expected to be okay, according to CBS Boston. It's frightening to imagine what might have happened had Eyas not wanted to take his favorite neighbor her morning newspaper.

Check On Your Elderly Neighbors

It is always a good idea to check on your elderly friends and neighbors daily. If they have a simple non-injury accident like this one, it could be deadly. However, injuries in the home are common in older adults. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to go by your neighbor's house and try to get them to come to the door. Call their name and check to see if their vehicles and personal items are still home. If they are, contact the police for a welfare check. As Eyas learned, simply being alert to something unusual could save a life. Thankfully, this little boy realized that his neighbor needed help and did everything right to get that help for her. Also, talk to your children about what to do if they are worried about someone's health or safety. It could save a life.

Great job, Eyas. Have you ever heard of a similar story? Let us know and pass this uplifting article on to others so that they too can look out for their elderly neighbors.