Three-Year-Old Reprises 'Beauty And The Beast' Performance With Her Dog

Aug 05, 2020 by apost team

Three-year-old Kaylee got into her character of Beauty by having her four-legged pup, Rudy, pose as the Beast.

Disney's animated films have inspired both adults and children everywhere. Not only do these films give people a chance to live out their most innate fantasies, but they also encourage us to pursue our dreams.

Since the release of Beauty and the Beast in 1991, Belle has amassed countless fans, many of whom are now currently adults.

These films are passed down from generation to generation solely because Disney films inspire us to fulfill our dreams. Even today, many little Belles are running around. Three-year-old Kaylee wanted to recreate the special dance scene with Belle and her beast.

She had the most unusual partner in doing so. She asked her pet Rudy, a Goldendoodle to dance with her. In the video of her recreation, she holds Rudy's paws and twirls around while singing Tale as Old As Time. The most adorable part about this scene is that Kaylee and Rudy are both clad in character costumes resembling those of Belle and the Beast.

Of course, Rudy is thoroughly confused about the scene, but he just goes with it. While this may have been an iconic scene for Kaylee, Rudy as a dog was probably unaware of the film. However, Rudy has performed multiple dance pieces in the past with his partner. Kaylee loves pulling her partner in for a twirl.

Rudy's appearance nearly resembles that of the Beast. His hair is wavy and brown and he was wearing a blue outfit. When looking at Kaylee's mother, the confusion is evident on his face. With Cogsworth and Lumiere cheering the pair on, Kaylee decides that it is the perfect moment to end the scene with their grand finale.

In the film, Belle and the Beast lean in for a tender kiss after realizing the extent of their feelings for one another. Kaylee recreates this by leaning in for a big hug. The sight of little Belle and her Beast hugging is so adorable that it warms our hearts. Kaylee is truly a lucky little girl to have such a close friend like Rudy.

After the long fiasco with Kaylee, Rudy is a bit tired and a large yawn takes over his face. Despite trying to remain attentive, the dance was exhausting for Rudy. We can only guess what happens next.

After the long dance, Rudy drops his paws to the floor and walks away. Of course, this is expected by a dog who has had a long day. Thankfully, Kaylee is satisfied with the recreation of that famous scene and grateful to have Rudy by her side.

Beauty and the Beast has been remade with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the central roles, however, the original animated film remains in our hearts forever. Of course, a remake of the film with Kaylee and Rudy might not seem so bad either.

Kaylee has been a fan of Beauty and the Beast ever since she first laid eyes on the film. Her dreams of being a princess and having her very own prince came true when she and her pet dog recreated the iconic dance scene from the film. Kaylee and her pet danced the night away while clad in the perfect character costumes.

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